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July 08, 2011



Beautiful photos of your parents. I am so relieved that they finally found out what was wrong with your mom. The diagnosis wording actually cracks me up because clearly the intracranial pressure was up. lol It's amazing the difference a shunt can make. Speedy recovery to her and also to your dad. Hang in there. I'm sure they love having you home holding down the fort. Hugs.


Such great news about your mom! And your new computer, too. Hannah has a Mac and she loves it. I hope your dad is better really soon.


Well, pooey - your mom's doing tons better and then your dad gets sick! Here's hoping he's better very, very soon.

Wanda J

How's your dad? Hope they get the infection under control/cleared up. Wonderful news that your mother's true diagnosis and surgery has produced a positive turn-around. Here's to a speedy recovery and return to home.

Will be praying you have clarity as to your future and where you need to be!


Chiming in late here but I'm glad to hear they've been able to help your mother. I hope your dad's situation resolved. I know a kidney infection in older men can really throw their whole system for a loop and look like many other things, so hopefully that's been dealt with.

You do have your hands full.

Congrats on the new computer, though!

Christine (AKA Cheekyredhead)

You and I don't touch base often enough! Sending prayers your way

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