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April 14, 2011



Sending you much love and hugs as you sort through these difficult decisions and time shuttling to and from each coast. Speedy recovery to both your parents.


It has to be terribly difficult to live so far away from your parents when they are facing health issues. I really hope things have turned in the right direction for your mom. Our family all lives within one or two towns here so I don't really know what that must feel like. I hope you find a solution that works for you. The photos are wonderful. I especially like the straw umbrellas and the pelicans!


"There is no perfect solution"...you are right. May your travels be safe. I am sending hugs and caring thoughts to you as you work through this difficult situation.


I hope your travels and life will soon be easier. It sounds like these are difficult times for you. Bless you. Great socks I love the colors.


Just when you've gotten your life to such a good place for you... May the musing go well for you.


I wish it could be simpler, don't you? Sending love.

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