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February 02, 2011



So, so many healing thoughts are headed to your Mom! Why do the people who photograph the sweaters do their best to deceive us? The model was probably the size of a 4 year old.


It's so frustrating that they don't accurately show a knitted item when it's being modeled. I'm all for artsy shots but I think there should be useful ones as well.
Sorry that your mom is still not feeling well. I'm hoping things are going to turn around for her this time.


I think knitting designers should be required to show straight front and back shots of finished sweaters so we can see what they look like. In my mind, that's why Ravelry is such a great resource. We can see what those fancy sweaters are going to look like on real bodies.

Sending good healing thoughts for your mom...


Sending more healing thoughts to your mom!

And what the heck - anorexic model leaning backwards...


I'm sorry the sweater didn't meet your expectations. I find that most of the time I have to *tweak* a pattern to work with my long torso and lack of chest.

Enjoy the Alchemy...it is my favorite type of yarn. Your cables are so lovely. :)

Still sending prayers and reiki to your Mom. Sending *a big hug* to you.

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