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August 30, 2010



that looks like the most amazing trip! I think I might hop on the flight with you next summer. I've never been to NY. The Lake looks super classic, what I imagine when I think of big families going to the lake. Thanks for encouraging the fantasy and making it look wonderful! I hope I see you at OFFF too


Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos of such a lovely time with your family. Congrats to your parents on their anniversary!


Looks like a wonderful vacation with your family. I love seeing all the photos.


Your family looks like great fun to hang around with and make a wonderfully fun vacation. It's so good to hear you had a relaxing and enjoyable time in a beautiful place with people you love.


Looks like you had a WONDERFUL time. I loved the glimpse of your other life. The lake is beautiful, with that misty aura.


What an amazing trip! I'm glad you had so much fun with friends and family and got to unwind and relax in such a beautiful place! :)


Yes, it was a magical week with so many of our love ones. Teyani and Peter brought tears to everyone with "Grow Old Along with Me." It was so beautiful. The entire celebration will be held in our memories forever.Love you dear daughter, Mom


Oh, how wonderful! Thank you for sharing your lovely lake and family!!


Wonderful pictures for wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing. It looks like such a relaxing place to spend time with family.




It looks like you all had a wonderful time!


What a fun time!!!!!! Love all the pictures! Congrats to your Mom and Dad. My parents will celebrate their 60th in December.

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