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July 18, 2010



Teyani-- your knitting project is really beautiful!
and your garden looks lovely...


The quilt is beautiful!


That looks gorgeous! Are you going to put a backing on it? There's a quilt shop in Lakewood, Shibori Dragon, they may know about quilt stands. I have one downstairs that I use, but I've had it so long I don't recall where it came from. You might do better to see if someone you know could just build you a simple wooden frame, the commercial ones look fairly expensive.


That blanket is gorgeous! And what are those dark purple flowers? I thought they were weeds and almost pulled them but second-guessed myself (because I like purple!) Hope you are feeling better.


Wow, that blamket looks really great! Are you going to put bigger red squares in the corners of the border? Maybe log cabin style strips around the edge?


Oh, it's just beautiful!


The blanket is looking fantastic!


Oh, it's already gorgeous!


The blanket is beautiful and I pray that each stitch brings with it healing and new strength.


That blanket is marvelous. It's going to be amazing when it's done.


Oh, absolutely gorgeous!!!


This blanket is stunning! You have done a fab-tastic job! Can't remember -- did you use a pattern??? I, who abhor putting blocks of anything together, am feeling some sort of tingling in my fingers when I look at your blanket. I think I might have to do this with all the sock yarns I have stashed!


I really love those squares. Hoping you are seeing more recovery.

Christine (Cheekyredhead)

Hi Teyani,

Its been ages since we've been in touch. I've been reading thru your recent posts and totally get "the waiting". Remember there are lots of people who been where you are and I'm one of them. Hang in there. I'm sending good energy your way.

Christine (AKA Cheekyredhead)

P.S. Still have RA but hiked the Himalayas this past April/May anyway. So don't loose hope.


I came to your bog via Anne Hansons blog. I noticed the symptoms that you have in your previous post. I had these symptoms as well, and they started with eating at Paneara Bread and having an allergic reaction. I was sick for many months: rash, anaphalaxis, stomach issues, hands and feet swelling (they still do to some extent 2 years later), and a majority of my hair fell out. It hurt to walk and all my joins swelled and were in constant pain. I was finally diagnosed with Syerm Sickness by the allergists at UVA. Basically it's a long term delayed allergic reaction, usually to medication but in my case it was started with food. Sorry for the long post, but I thought this info might be helpful to you. Feel free to email me if you like. Good luck and good health to you.

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