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July 29, 2010



A real vacation is just what you need -- I'm counting down with you!


The sweater is adorable, I'm sure she will love it. I hope your good health continues!


I'm sure that she will love the sweater! And I hope that the bad bugs are all beat back to nothing! Being sick sucks.


That's a great color combo for a baby sweater!


I've been sending you reiki every other day...will keep sending. I'm glad you are beating this bug!

I'm so happy that the blanket is filling you with such joy. The baby sweater is just adorable and a perfect little gift.

I'm a bit behind in feeds...but I had to say how beautiful your butterfly is colored in.

*sprinkling of faerie dust*


The sweater is adorable! Please post a finished picture with the buttons. I love baby knits! So glad to hear you're feeling better --- just in time for vacation! Enjoy!


Total cuteness on the sweater. I really like the conversation that generated the colors.

More faerie dust wafting your way, to keep you healthy and happy.


Yay! Feeling better in time for vacation and a giant project almost finished, that's a happy happy day!

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