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June 26, 2010



It's going to be beautiful, Teyani! My mom sewed all our clothes, and she made me a simple scrap quilt which I took off to college and used for many years. It was fun to pick out this dress or that skirt fabric -- many were mid-sixties crazy Marimekko-type fabrics. Oh, we were wild back then...


I love it and can't wait to see it with the edging and squares!


I am so sorry I never got you that Mustang Sally to you. It finally surfaced :-( If you plan on adding another row let me know.


That is stunning!!! Your color placement is amazing :-)


I love the idea of the memory quilts you made for your girls and LOVE that you are making your very own memory blanket.


That is going to be gorgeous! Just the thing to wrap up in on a cold and rainy night!


The blanket has been a journey of many paths for you. You have created a lovely memory with this work of art.


That's going to be gorgeous! Gee, I sound just like Lorette. ; )

I did a tiny little baby blanket with yarn scraps recently and was a little surprised at my emotional connection to those scraps and related projects!


Very pretty! Love the colors.


Yay! The squares are all so lovely and I adore how each one is a personal page in the story of your life. *hugs* :)

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