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April 20, 2010



Teyani--great minds...I just blogged about our experience, too, over the weekend!

kisses, and blessings!
(and so cool about your mom! And dad!)


Wow, that's quite a week! And--congratulations to your Mom! That's awesome!


Great post - great happenings! Congrats to your Mom!! Wonderful news about your Dad - speedy recovery to him. The concert looks fantastic! Love the costumes!


Quite the week you've had! Congrats on your concert performance and on your mom's newly released book! Sending a speedy recovery to your Dad post- pacemaker placement. Glad life is good. You can put your post production energy into your garden or veggie gardening. :-) I find digging in the dirt grounds me. As does spinning. Hugs to you.


Thanks for the pictures - it looks like a fabulous performance!


Wow! What an awesome week! Your concert sounds wonderfully moving...what a great experience for you! Congrats to your Mom on your book and on your Dad for a successful surgery. I will send him reiki (if that is okay) and plenty of prayers. *hugs* :)


How wonderful for all! Congratulations on a great concert. And kudos to your Mom - wow! And thankful for your Dad's successful surgery. When my Dad's pacemaker was put in, his quality of life improved dramatically.


I loved your blog and all the great comments from your blogger friends. What a wonderful world to be able to communicate like this.We know your concert must have been marvelous. You are a real wizard of a person and the best daughter ever. Much love, Mom


Wow, LOTS going on. I'm glad your Dad's surgery was successful. Congrats to your mom! And your concert looks like fun!


What a week! Time to rest. Congratulations on all three fronts!


Oh my goodness... life is good & busy!! Wow.


It sounds like a fabulous performance! Congratulations to your Mom, and it's good to hear that your Dad is doing OK!

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