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April 11, 2010



Love how the blanket is turning out! And am so embarrassed that I still haven't sent you my socks to pull apart for said blanket. Let's see if I can somehow get them out the door this week including your address with them! :-)


ah, if you would like a bit more sock yarn please send me your snail mail address. I have all these lonely small balls just looking for a good home...


oh, you are just the person to whom I should send all those extra balls of sock yarn. If you want some contributions - send me your snail mail address and I will toss them in the post


The edging on the blanket squares is perfect! It must feel great to have a plan now. Lovely tulips, too.


The way your connecting the blanket squares is just the ticket! Very creative, grrl! I'm so happy to see some warmer weather! Hope spring decides to stick around.


It's going to be gorgeous! Nice choice for the joining.


That join is just perfect for those bright and beautiful colors! I'm glad you found something you like for this special blanket. *hugs* :)


That is an interesting project. The red squares in the corner are genius.


I very much like the choice for the quilt like strips that are to join the blocks(called sashing in quilting).
How are you doing this? Are you knitting the edges onto the square? Or... it looks like maybe the strips are knitted and the red squares are knitted and then you're sewing them together? That's a lot of sewing!
But so very striking!

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