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March 09, 2010



PF is a BEAR. I've seen lots of airboots needed. Hope yours responds fast.

I am dismayed by what crops up At This Age with what we consider to be normal activity. Spankings at every corner.


I love the blanket! Good luck with the running! Listen to Laurie, too.


Sorry about your foot. I will send reiki tonight. :)

IMHO why don't you edge the whole thing in black so you get a "stained glass" effect? I love all the colors...it will be georgous whatever route you take. *hugs* :)


As a person who tends to people's feet every day, please don't rush the healing of plantar fasciitis. It is horrible and you may want to change the type of shoes you are wearing when you are on your feet all day. Very supportive and comfortable. read expensive but it is worth it. Don't go back to the running until it is better...


The blanket looks awesome. I don't have any experience with joining squares, though, so I have no advice. Sorry about your foot/heel. Hope it feels way better really soon!


Ouch! Be careful with that plantar stuff! I've had it in both feet now and this last time has taken almost a year to get over. It's an inflamation problem and abusing the tendons leads to more inflamation... so it may be difficult for you to hold back, but DON'T push it!
Ice and anti-inflammatories and really good shoes are the prescription.
Everyone's feet are different, but I swear by my Danskos...


Too bad you can't wear running shoes to work! I'm so sorry about your foot, but your blanket is going to be woooonderful!


Pretty blanket - Hmm. Maybe brown or black to tie the squares together? And I'd suggest that it not be solid - the solid seems jarring against all the shadings in the squares. If you found a non-solid, maybe you could make four squares for the corners and one for the center to thematically tie it all together.

Oh, the dreaded plantar fascitis! I started to have trouble with it because of my non-exercise shoes, so I had to make sure that I always, ALWAYS was wearing shoes with arch support. I found some great arch support insoles and added them to my walking shoes, under the cushiony liner, too. And I now wear nothing but Keens (and just the ones that have good arch support - some of the styles fail).


As a former PF sufferer I want to share some great interventions. There is a device that looks like a plastic bumpy rolling pin that you roll under the arch of your foot, while you knit or watch TV. It is amazing how it makes the pain go away. Also there is a snug wrap for your arch that you can put on over your socks but under your shoe that really helps, along with good arch stretching before your run. Check out running sites like Road Runner (no affiliation) to find. Good luck!


Ice, rest, and everything everyone said above.
Plus, taking it niiiiice and slooooow...

So happy you're out there with all of us crazy runners!

Bravo to you!


blanket is lovely - if it was me, I would go with a darker colour that I loved to bring it together and set off the squares.

Or you could skip that completely, going for more of a knitted and less of a quilted look by just sewing them together.

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