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March 29, 2010



Hooray for victory. But will you miss the berries?


Good for you! My berry bush has roots under the house...I'm sure of it since it pops up on all four sides if left unattended. lol


That was quite a battle. You deserve cake and grand satisfaction, too!!


Whew. Shouldn't have refused cake. Sounds like it was a victory dance and a bonding ritual all in one cake.


Teyani vs The Vicious Blackberry Bush! :)

Our March has been more lamb like than blustery...


Here here! Conquering is good!!


how can something so invasive as a blackberry yet offer such sweet berries? I LOVE blackberries...last summer on Orcas, my sister, daughter, mother-in-law and I picked for HOURS in the late summer sun...in the end, we "baptized" each other with the juice--to remember, to set us apart, to link us forever. I do mourn your blackberry bush...(melancholy day...) Jane
(that story is called "garden zealot, what happened next" over on my page...
teyani...i always love your posts.



Wow! We have wild blackberry in the woods all around us... you are a good neighbor!


I have to laugh at Carole's "will you miss the berries". She's evidently not from around here. Those danged things are nearly impossible to kill. Some dimwit planted them along our back yard years ago, and we fight it constantly. It's planted right next to the bamboo...another fine gardening choice.

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