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February 02, 2010



Sending you hugs ...


but you spoke it here...and I receive your words, and you bless me with them. thank you for your transparency, your grace. you are a beautiful woman. blessings.


If I could hop on a plane right now and be there to ease your loneliness and hear your story, well, you know I would. I hope today is a brighter day.


It is impossibly difficult right now, but you are right: it will pass, it will get better!!


You came to friends, friends who listen. If there is anything I can do please let me know. Would hearing a voice help? I'm sending big hugs and wrapping you in love from afar.


I hear you Teyani. It's sometimes hard not to absorb a client's story and have it leave that feeling behind. Keep talking girl. We are all here for you. I hope today is better.


Being alive on the planet right now can be daunting in many ways, not the least of which is loneliness in the midst of the hubbub. Saying it out loud eases it a bit, and gives us all a chance to affirm everything that is good and right and true. Thank you for that. Blessings on your new day.


:( *BIG HUG*

Amelia Garripoli

Ahhhh ... yes. That hits home. In part, it is the time of year. In part, it is that you are taking on another's issues, helping them work through and resolve a terrible grief. Sometimes our burdens bow us down. Take out your wheel and spin, take out your needles and knit, or pick up a cat and stroke it; these are the balms that soothe me when I'm faced with someone else's needs and take them on my own shoulders.

Sending hugs and strength your way. You are an amazing woman, you can stand tall and straight and be proud of what you are and what you have in front of you.


Sending hugs to you, and thank you for trusting us all with your thoughts! I don't know how counselors of all sorts don't act as a sponge for all the raw emotions they are entrusted with. Thank you for all you do!


Yes, I know the feeling, I have known it well... many (((hugs))) though they are only key strokes...


I wish I lived nearer and could come over and sit and chat over a pot of tea. I will send you reiki tonight and if I don't get snowed in again...something special tomorrow. *hugs*


It was not what we planned, was it? It was not how we were raised (grow up, get married, have children, career and go old together).

It doesn't matter, on those days when the cold bites and the walls close in, whether being alone is a choice or, like fame, thrust upon you.

And, it is a question of who heals the healer. Knowing you are not alone in the ether might not be of help - but we, and all that lovely wool can certainly help fill those minutes and hours till the warmth creeps in again.


Thinking of you.


I'm late to read this, but I wanted you to know: just as you have been there for me in the past, I know that I and many others are there for you, now and always. Many hugs, Teyani!


It's hardwired. We didn't do well alone, survived better in groups. That doesn't help where you are now, since survival isn't the question. Here's virtual hugs, and a shared glass of wine, me encouraging you to pull out some knitting while we put our feet up on the table and hug toes.

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