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February 04, 2010



What a wonderful idea. Send me your address -- I have a blue for you!


I have some sock hop yarn in my stash (big yellow taxi I think) but I don't have any leftovers. I wish I did, I'd happily send them to you!


What a lovely testament to time...your team...friends...dreams and your love of knitting, dyeing, spinning and fiber that blanket will be. This is a beautiful project...the sock yarns are all so lovely.


I'm so sorry I was never able to get me hands on any of your beautiful yarn, if I had you could certainly have some of it back. Your plan is lovely!


They look beautiful, and I'm so glad they're helping you through your loneliness! Because, you KNOW we don't want you to feel lonely...


Love the idea of using original Sock Hop for your blanket. I was only able to get 2 skeins for my Sunrise/Sunset socks in Mustang Sally. I unfortunately blew holes in both of the heels and I don't think I'll be able to repair them. Would you like to glean the usable yarn from them for your blanket? It would please me no end to know that a friend has put it to good use. Let me know. Hugs.


Must be the weather around here....I was just thinking about Sock Hop yesterday...and missing you :) Even though there was times of high stress trying to keep up with the demand, spinning Sock Hop a was great time in my life. Now I am having a great time spinning my own lines of yarn, but is just isn't as fun by myself....hubby just doen't understand the excitment of creating a new colorway and watching it spin up... A TON of {{hugs}} flinging yourway from the south!......and ummmm how about emailing me your address..I'm too lazy to go dig it out :)


Oh, that will be lovely! Well, to have leftovers, I'd have to pull out my Sock Hop and knit it up, eh? :D


I don't have any sock hop, but I have scraps of my own handspun dyed by you (and a bit of fiber hoarded from your days with CMF). I once did an experiment using 4 different colorways spun with themselves and each other with your fiber and the socks are great, though getting old now.

I treasure the fiber and yarn from your dyepots still.


I did comment on your previous post but did not realize I had to do the second step. Have been thinking of you!

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