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January 14, 2010



Sorry the sweater didn't work out as you hoped. That's always such a disappointment.


Sorry about all of that knitting labor not panning out! The color is lovely. Sounds like a sweater that our Margene could pull off wearing.


It looks big warm and cozy! You've described my body type, but it might drown me as I still haven't gained much weight. Ennui is the word from January. The one word we all feel and agree on!!!


Alas and woe! I hate the winter blahs - they're going around here, too.


It's so pretty - sorry it didn't look good on.


Margene would be the perfect person! Pretty disappointing, to put in all that work and have it suck on you.


Sorry that you put all that work into your project and the end result is not as you expected.

About the blahs of Winter...I read a book when I was a child about a field mouse named Frederick who stored away colors for times of grey instead of food. And when the mice were fat and happy in the dead of cold and chill he would talk about the green fields dotted with flowers of purple and pink and skies that were blue and clear with a sun of honey hanging above.

Maybe there is something in your stash that evokes that kind of happy memory.



Really? I think it's kind of cool, Teyani! Did you have fun knitting it? Then time to take it apart and knit something you love with the yarn. After all, you had the joy of the knitting, right?

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