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September 21, 2009



when i do listen to the radio (which isn't often, imostly listen to audio books), it's a toss-up between an 80's station (graduated in 1984, AWESOME!) and an alternative rock/metal/ska/what have you college station. the 80's station is obvious. the other? my sons listen to it (no hip hop in my house, apparently), and i think it's cool music,too, as long as t hey don't scream too much.

i did watch the woodstock movie a couple of weeks ago, as well as the woodstock documentary they did on VH1, and i can understand the appeal of folk songs, but i enjoyed the who and santana much more,lol.


I am sad about Mary Travers, too. I listened to Puff the Magic Dragon on the way to work the morning after she died and I bawled and bawled.
I have my fingers crossed that your Carnegie Hall trip is a GO.


I work with university age students and I can tell you... yes, they listen to music from high school and middle school and feel the same sense of nostalgia. The music is nothing like my music of course... they get all sentimental over old school Brittany and Justin Timberlake... but the sense of memories connected to the music of a time is still there and strong.
Oh! Fingers crossed indeed for the Carnegie Hall trip!


That spider web is AWESOME!! EW, ICK, though, if I were to walk into it.
; )

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