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December 25, 2008



Merry Christmas Teyani! What fun! Glad they were able to make it for Christmas!


Ack! No gloves? I guess all that laughter kept you warm. Merry Christmas to you too and Happy New Year.


Great shots! It looks like your Christmas was filled with fun..... Merry Christmas to you too and a Happy, healthy and joyous New Year...


Perfect! At least you had the chance to have some fun in the snow! It also looks like you had some sun!


What a great end to a wonderful ABC! I'm glad that you had a great time!


What a great way to celebrate! Looks like such fun!!


Merry merry Christmas! That looks like so much fun!


It looks and sounds as if you all had a great holiday! Nice antlers. ;)


Fun! It's been a long time since I have had a snowball fight. Glad you got to enjoy some of that unexpected white stuff you have everywhere!


Wonderful! The antlers make the shot, but the enthusiasm is pretty close up there too.


oh that looks like a lot of fun! so glad your christmas was bright and full of laughter!

Wool Winder

Looks like fun. Love the action shots!

Kathleen C.

Aren't snowball fights as an adult the best fun?! We were singing carols in the backyard around the bonfire when someone... no one fessed up... started a doozy of a snowball fight. It was great! Mom against son, husband against wife... laughing so hard we were soaked more from falling into the snow than from actaully getting clobbered.

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