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December 22, 2008



Those are gorgeous shots - great Y!

Yikes - that's a lot of snow. A LOT of snow. Stay warm and dry!


There are many things I miss about yesteryear (good choice!) and my old camera isn't one. ;-)
Here that amount of snow wouldn't be that bad...we're prepared. I don't know how anyone in WA or OR is getting around! Stay safe and warm.


I gave up shoveling yesterday.... The Happy Hermitt is dug in!!

keep warm, and I agree with you on the 35mm camera. I had my dad's for a while in college, but he took it away after I spent a small fortune in film and developing.lol


Stunning images, Teyani. I never mastered the 35mm -- wasn't methodical or patient enough for it all to sink in -- too much time lapsed between taking the photo and seeing the photo to make any kind of lasting connection about what I'd done.


I have a Minolta 35mm that I still love but nothing beats the instant gratification of digital, I think.

Terry M

Gorgeous shots, Teyani! I haven't used a 35 mm since everyone went digital. I'm hoping for a 35mm digital for Christmas (please oh please!). I am with ya on the snow - we have 20" and the goats are getting pretty pissy about it. Me too. Am very tired of shoveling. Keep warm and have a wonderful Christmas!


I hear you about the 35mm. I miss mine too. Sure the new digital SLR is great, acts like my Canon, is much cheaper to use and I never have to wait on my pictures or worry that they lost my film. But pixels are just not the same as light. Maybe when enlargers are obsolete and on sale, I can have a dark room.


I do miss using my 35mm too. The depth of color and detail just doesn't seem quite the same -- it's just different. But the instant framing/focus/and especially light bracketing is great, so I haven't used my 35mm in a couple years.

Those are wonderful pictures.


Beautiful! And there is something about making every picture that you take count, isn't there? Now a days, people can just snap away 100 pictures without even thinking about it and then throw out all but a few. We really have becom a disposable society haven't we?


Maybe the West Coast is now going to get all the snow and we are going to get all the sun. That would be nice. I could live with that. :)

Wool Winder

I knew you'd come up with something. Gorgeous photos!

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