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November 28, 2008



Army intelligence, is a personal favorite.


i'm going to apologize in advance, but this is my all-time favorite:

government intelligence.

nuff said


I'm quite fond of saying oxymormon.


Crap. My mind is utterly blank! I think it's a very clever X, actually. :)


I have always giggled at the idea of jumbo shrimp.

Wool Winder

I'm going to have stretch it a bit for my 'X' post, too. I enjoyed yours. I couldn't think of an oxymoron though, so I picked one from a list: alone together.


Let's see... a friend of mine once told me that getting an MBA involved calculus, but it was "easy calculus." (No, that's not the only reason I never got one.)

A lot of the ones I like aren't really oxymorons, but puns, and I'm such a sucker for puns: pretty ugly, awfully good, terribly beautiful.

(I would argue that jumbo shrimp isn't really an oxymoron, shrimp being used in this case in its standard meaning of a certain type of crustacean, rather than its slang meaning of a small person. Jumbo then applies to the size of the crustacean relative to others of its ilk. If you can talk about big ants or big molecules, you can certainly discuss jumbo shrimp.)

(Some people would argue that I'm insufferably pedantic, so I'll stop now.)

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