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November 11, 2008



They're just beautiful, Teyani!


Wow. That tattoo is amazing.


Oh my! The wings are fabulous! What a wonderful tatt!


Beautiful! I love tattoos that are not just aesthetically beautiful but have real meaning to the person - true body art.

Wool Winder

They are very well done.


That is an awesome tattoo!


Fantastic!! Ali has not-finished wings, and I can definitely feel it with you: Fly, baby girl, fly!!


Very cool! What's a little weird is that similar tattooed wings were featured in Melissa Marr's novel Ink Exchange...


That's an amazing tattoo! It's a beautiful idea, beautifully executed.


One of my students wore a camisole the other day... first time I had ever seen her back... She had wings! Not realistic like your daughters, more geometrical and symbolic. But I loved the placement and the way they really flattered her back.
It's a beautiful idea...
She did tell me that it was extremely painful... the places over the shoulder blades hurt bad. I hope your daughter's was easier...


I love it and what a gorgeous shot!


Beautiful! But ouch!


Gorgeous tattoos!


Gorgeous tattoos!


That is amazingly beautiful. Wow.

The photography IS gorgeous. But of course, I need to compliment the tattoo artist who brought her vision into existence as well. Lovely work.

And the wings complement her own beauty!

Erin (

That's the most common question, "Did they hurt?"

YES. All four of my tattoos have hurt. Some more than others (read; getting my ribs on my left side done. I'm pretty sure I saw a white light.... I'll send mom a picture to post when my cherry blossoms are all finished!)

I think it's a very good way to tell when you're getting a tattoo for the right reasons. There are plenty of reasons NOT to get a tattoo; to fit in, to stick it to your parents/spouse/society, or to simply have one. It has to mean something to you so that when you're in the absolute worst of it you can talk yourself through it, being that you still really want it.

I also get asked a lot "Aren't you going to regret it?"

I don't know who I'm going to be in 20 years. No one does. I know who I WANT to be, and that person doesn't regret anything. I'm kinda looking forward to that :)

Heidi (Aponi)

Wow - that is amazing and beautiful! She found a true artist! I've been wanting a dragonfly on my leg for....oh......about 20 years now! Thanks for sharing!


Actually, that IS pretty amazing.


Now see? There is such a thing as a tattoo you won't be sorry about when you are 80. I told my Mom so.

Really nice work, whoever the artist is.

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