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October 13, 2008



I love that word, too!


I learned that word many, many years ago when someone said that blue jeans were becoming ubiquitous. Today that's an understatement!


I've never thought much about that word. Thanks for showing it in a new light.


Unfortunately, the spiders in my house are also ubiquitous!


I sometimes like words too because I enjoy the way they sound. Of course, I can't think of a single one now that I am trying to.

Wool Winder

I have been seeing a lot of spider webs lately. Didn't know that was a sign of fall.


That is such a great word. I'm laughing right now because my daughter and I were out yesterday morning spreading webs across the yard as decoration. Luck you - you got yours naturally!


I have totally flaked on the ABC along. Sigh. YOu have had some wonderful words. Thanks for being so insightful and sharing your insight with us.
I'm glad that your mom went through surgery well and I will pray for her speedy recovery.
ANd that brownie....oh, my!

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