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September 08, 2008



congratulations! that is fantastic news!!!


Congratulations, my dear friend. I am so proud of you for taking this leap!


What joy!


I accidentally posted the comment above as my sister! It bears repeating: what joy for you dear Teyani!


Oooh, that sounds like Big, Big Fun! Enjoy!


Congratulations!!! (I guess I'll even forgive you for the flashback to piano and band recitals.)


How exciting, and fulfilling, to be in such a high quality group! I bet you are going to sing some great repertoir.

The air you mentioned is one of my favorites -- though never having performed it except in the shower, I admit I don't sing the recitative, not really knowing it. But I too sing both parts, the alto/mezzo or whatever it is, & soprano, even though (like you, it sounds) I'm mostly an alto (middle of the chord requires the best ear, eh? Not to mention, the most adept sightreading!). : )

Couch vs. piano! Love it!

My husband is a professional musician; I just love to sing and dabble in a couple instruments. But even though we both sing, it's funny how we feel differently about choral music. It's one of my favorite things. The sum of the parts is truly so much more, especially under a good director, and making music together is just amazing, transporting at times. He - can take it or leave it. I guess his similar experience is jamming with a band, though, playing bass or guitar; that's where he loses himself.


That should be repertoire, of course! More coffee!

Wool Winder

That's wonderful news! I'm so happy for you!


That is fantastic news. What an honor to be selected.


That is great news! Let me know details when it gets closer. I'm not sure about work this far ahead but might be able to get down one of those days! It would be seriously cool to hear you sing.

Jean Marie

from a singing (Sweet Adeline and occasionally church) lurker - enjoy! Your happiness is contagious!


Wow, that's wonderful news! Congratulations! What big steps you have taken this past year! I so wish I lived closer so I could come hear you sing.

Where do you sit when you knit...on your piano bench? ;)


oh cool! i hope you have lots of fun with this . . singing is SUCH a good and freeing thing to do!


You... (R)ah-rah!!


Congratulations! I did not know this about you!


Fabulous! Our world would be a desolate place without music. And the joy we feel from our music defies description. So who needs a couch anyway!


Excellent! And congratulations!

PS Couches are overrated. :D

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