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July 20, 2008



Pretty, pretty! Can't wait to hear the specs on the yarn.

I'm knitting that pattern right now!


Oh, the socks are gorgeous - and what fun to play with yarn like that...

so your hand is up to snuff, I presume, which is also fabulous news!


Mmm, sounds yummy. I'm looking forward to this one. :-)

Looks like the colour might be a bit unevenly dispersed? A bit more dark blue at the toe and heel than in the foot? Or is that just the light?

Either way, it's on my "gotta-get" list. :-)


I recognize that yarn! It IS lovely -- I'm making a sample sock for my store as well.


Those are beautiful and a great match of yarn and pattern.


ooh - that looks like wonderful stuff!!


Lucky you!


It's really too bad there's not a touch function on this computer. :)


That good? I'll keep my eye out for that one!

Wool Winder

Gorgeous! And I think I can feel how soft it is just from reading your description. Cashmere that will hold up in the wash is pretty amazing.


Very pretty socks! The yarn sounds wonderful!


Excellent review! It looks very tempting.


I love that pattern (and the yarn- 'cuz I'M THE ONE WHO KNOWS WHAT IT IS!!). I'm going to have to knit that pattern soon- I hadn't seen it before.

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