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June 28, 2008


Kathleen C.

Our driveway is made of largish cobblestones, and the weeds pop up between the stones all along the length of it.
I have made a vow... every evening when I come home, as I walk from where we park up our driveway I will pause and pull. A little here a little there. It slows my pace, it gets me down to the soil, and it welcomes me home.


really? where were you when we lived in woodinville??? :) i had lots for you to "enjoy"!!!


I like weeding after it rains. I think about my great-grandad (especially when I am digging out climbing fern). I get where you are coming from.


That is a nice way to look at a task that so many of us find unpleasant!


Always a good reminder, isn't it? "Mundane" really has a bad rap/rep, when it's actually the comfortable basis of life.


So often life is about perspective and preconceived notions. While pulling weeds is not high on my list, I love picking berries,with the exception of strawberries, it's one of those quiet, serene activities that brings good rewards.

Wool Winder

I find the older I get, the less I feel bored by anything. However, there are still things that I must do that I do not take pleasure in. Pulling weeds is one of them. You'd know that right away if you could see my flower beds.


That's a great M. I also enjoy pulling weeds and nobody in my house gets it at all. There really is something so satisfying about straightening up my flower beds and, of course, the results make me feel so accomplished.


hee-hee . . you have "doormat" vegetation too . . .though a little harsher than your gentle pulling, i've heard that boiling water is a good fix for weeds between the pavers

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