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June 05, 2008



I can't even think about a cowl in this heat...

I didn't know you like to sail (I am sure there is a lot I don't know). Michael loves it but hasn't gotten to do a whole lot lately.


Beautiful looking cowl, ma'am! And how wonderful to find out you can get out on the water and enjoy all it offers. Beautiful flowers too :-) Such a happy post. Thanks for sharing and making me smile.


I can't imagine how luxurious that yarn is.

Yay for you to go sailing.

And the columbine! I left my beautiful purple/blue columbine at our old house but I have some coming up here. I can't tell unti it blooms if it's from that old plant or whether someone gave me something new. Should be any day now.

And by the way, the witch feet in the last post? My cousin, a crafty-sew-person in Maryland, got tired of seeing a certain thing on the side of the road. It was half a double-wide that had apparently fallen off a trailer, and there it sat for months, looking all lopsided like it had fallen out of the sky.

She sewed up a HUGE pair of striped legs and ruby slippers and one dark night anonymously put them on the roadside, sticking out from under the house.

It made the evening news!

Wool Winder

I'm excited to see the cowl blocked. The yarn is gorgeous and I can only imagine how soft it is.

It's great that you will be able to sail that beautiful bay! We're planning a trip to the Pac NW next spring. I better buy rain gear.


Pretty yarn! Have fun sailing. :)


Your columbine is so lovely. I may have to plant some next year. The yarn for the cowl is divine! I can't get over the colors...wow! :)


I'm late to the sighting, but thank you for the Columbines! ;-)


I hope you get the chance to go sailing soon! And that the skies will allow you to see the Olympic Mts. I'd been to the Sound several different times before the clouds lifted enough to see them. Dazzling and Breathtaking! One crystal clear, early morning several years ago while out for an early morning walk along Peaks View Rd I spied clouds on the far (slightly west) northern horizon. Suddenly I realized they weren't clouds, they were the Olympic Mts. What a glorious sight.

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