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May 18, 2008



Looks like a beautiful spot. I'm glad you're finding nice surprises in your garden!


The clematis is amazing! The garden looks very happy!


So lovely. I would give a lot to have a garden like that. Enjoy it for me as well!!


Columbine -- my favorite! What a joy your garden must be.


Your clematis looks very like a montana rubens. They're lovely!


Wow! Did it ever flower!


What a gorgeous retreat - and the clematis is simply stunning!! Such a fun place to play in the dirt...


94????! Dang. I don't want to skip spring, which we have the past few years (I had my air on by now last year) - this year, we're actually having spring (even if it is late).

Wool Winder

Your garden is lovely! It almost makes me want to get out and pull all the weeds that's making mine look like a mess...almost.


Wow, what a beautiful space! It makes me feel happy just to look at the pictures.


I've never seen a clematis before! So beautiful! Your whole garden is just so vibrant and lovely! :)


WOW! everything looks so pretty, and those are just pictures!. nice clematis . . i have trouble growing that in our shady yard.

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