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April 09, 2008



That yarn is beautiful and I love the pattern. Thanks for the link!


That really IS a pretty yarn!


The Primavera pattern is going to be so much fun in that yarn!


Oh my, there is always an obstacle to overcome, isn't there (bad kitties!) I guess it is called life.
The yarn colors are lovely - I can picture the irises in their beautiful greens and purples. Thanks for sharing that image.
Have a great week.

Wool Winder

Sometimes it's good to give into temptation. Have fun!


Synchronicity! ;)


That is (was?) totally gorgeous yarn. I got some of their yarn at Madrona, too, just different colors. And thanks for the pattern link! I just might have to try something besides a plain sock next!


Good heavens, girl - I disappear for a few months and look what happens! Move the business, smash the hand (OWIEEEEE!)! Now, cut that out!

Hoping the rest of 2008 goes much better than the last of 2007, dear T.


When the pattern AND the yarn call, you must answer.

Cats. Yeesh.


Good luck with next week! Yikes, it sounds intense. I hope you at get a little fun time for yourself. After all, you do many things to choose from. ;)


Is your sweater dry yet? I've had this post open on the laptop so long I bet that it is!

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