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April 18, 2008



Oh, Teyani!

I'm sorry Kate (and you) had such a rotten week!!!!!

Know you're both in our thoughts. And I hope Kate has a fantastic prom tomorrow night. I loved mine (16 years ago now).


Oh, that is so scary. I can't imagine the stress, but very relieved that it's settling down.

BTW, loving the sock. I can never get them to pool like that. And yup, sock knitting is a good thing, especially when there's too much going on to concentrate to something complicated ... just round and round and round


*HUG* Oh, how scary for both of you! I am so, so glad that she's doing better now and is hopefully well enough to go to prom.


i do understand about having your children away from you, where you can't really do anything. i've been there, and it stinks. but it sounds like everything is ok, and i hope she enjoys prom as much as you're enjoying this s ock.


That is so difficult, I'm glad to hear she is recovering. I know how hard it is to be far away.

The socks are lovely :) I'm not averse to the sock yarn flashing, pooling or blobbing which is a good thing since my row gauge is usually different so it behaves differently in my hands that what I might have seen elsewhere.


Scary stuff, especially when you are far away. Here's to a quick recovery, poor girl.


Lovely socks.
I am glad that Kate is recovering and is able to go to the prom, And yes, the heart does care. It must be very hard for you to be so far away and able to hold her. I hope that she has (had?) a great time dancing the night away!


I'm knitting primavera socks, too. It's a terrific pattern and seems to go along very quickly.
I'm sorry Kate had another flare up. I hope she has a blast at prom - tell her to send pictures, okay?


What a difficult situation for you all the way around. It has been such a rough year for you and I hope it settles down. Sending good thoughts to you and Kate!!


Wow! That is a rough week. My husband has crohn's and we are waiting to see if he'll be having surgery in the next month. A little hope-he hasn't had one in 17 years! I'm glad your daughter is able to do something 'normal'. I think that is my husband's biggest regret about the disease, missing out on 'normal' life.


Just had to make a quick comment about what wonderful blog friends you have. It is heart warming to read their encouraging words-so hugs to all of them from me. Let's hope and pray that there no more scary times. As a Grandmother, I am sure Kate will be the "belle of the ball." love to my dear daughter and all you caring friends. Love, Mom


oh teyani, my heart goes out to you.


I love your socks - they look great with the pooling. I will have to try that pattern.

I will keep you and your daughter in my thoughts and hope for better days ahead for both of you.


oh teyani, i was holding my breath! i'm so glad that for the time being, kate is safe and getting well again. and i hope the same goes for you!


oh no! I hope Kate healed up and made it to the prom. I'll keep you both in my thoughts and you just finish up those socks.


What a week! I am so glad that she won't miss the prom - and is probably there right now!


I forgot: the yarn looks like a climbing vine to me.


Let me just echo all the love and good thoughts going out to you and Kate. That helpless feeling we have as parents when our chicks are far away and ailing is the pits. Hope Kate is dancing her little toes off even as I write this.


Hope she's better soon and she got to go to the prom. I know how you feel about being away - had it when I was in Holland looking after my mum while having to leave the kids behind, and it really upset my eldest. I just felt torn in two.
Love the sock!


Oh Teyani, how stressful for you, especially being so far away. You are a mom whether they are near or far and it is always so hard not to worry about them, especially when they are not close by.

Thank goodness she is ok! I will look forward to seeing Prom pictures!


Whew. Sounds like she is a trooper and will go to prom no matter what! how stressful and anxious having her that far away!

Wool Winder

This is the perfect sock to keep your mind occupied and get you through a stressful situation. Glad your daughter is improving. Hope the medicine has worked it's way out of her system and everyone can breathe a sigh of relief.


Good to hear that your daughter is feeling better. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to have to help from afar. Glad that you found a sock to keep you busy and get you through.


Oh Teyani, I'm sorry Kate has been having such a hard time. I can imagine how stressful that was for you. I'm so glad to hear she is feeling better and made it to the prom. She is a beautiful girl T!


Girl, I just read this as I'm way behind on blog reading. I'm happy things turned out well, but how terrifying that must have been. It would have been difficult enough if you were close by, but so far away...

The sock is lovely, as is your daughter!

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