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April 08, 2008



Oh yes, I count, name the stitches and do a bit of muttering under my breath (maybe loud outbursts of things are night right)...lace is a private matter in my life, that's certain. ;-)


I totally do that!!!! Sometimes it's the only way I can remember a stitch pattern!


You are not the only one. I also "talk" the pattern. It helps me visualize and memorize it. But it does make lace in public a little interesting. ;-)


I "talk" my pattern too with lace. Mostly I try to keep it under my breath so my spouse doesn't think I've totally lost it.


Yes, yes, yes!


I've never knitted lace in public - haven't knitted lace for years - but I do remember counting out the pattern, and then suddenly seeing the pattern 'make sense'. It's something I wouldn't be able to knit with my kids around!

Wool Winder

Thank you for the comment you left on my blog (if it was you). The comment didn't link to a profile, so I'm not sure. I am grateful to have stumbled upon your blog no matter, as your writing is very inspirational. You have expressed so well what it's like to knit lace. I'm always anxious to get to that "magical place" in the pattern. At times I never reach it and I have to admit defeat, but mostly it does come and all things make sense then.


I like when I hit that point when knitting with a pattern. It makes me feel on top of things and in control.


Talking the stitches makes lace more musical for me, and helps me keep up a rhythm. That's one thing I love about lace. My song usually goes something like, "over, together, one, two, three..."


Maybe you are imbuing you lace knitting with your essence by talking to it. ;)


Thanks for this post...it is nice to know that I am not alone in chanting my pattern. :)


Yes, I do that to remind myself to not skip the YO, or that it is a K2tog rather than an SSK right there.


That is exactly how I knit lace too! I thought I was the only one that did that!

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