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March 04, 2008



Not sick again! It's been such a bad year for bugs...or maybe it's been a good year for them and bad for us! The socks do look a little wonky, but the sleeves are looking good!


Yikes, feel better soon. I love those Cascade 220 heathers, such good colors!


The flu just plain sucks. I hope you're back on your feet.


So sorry to hear that Mr. Flu stopped by. He's such a persistant house guest . . . Hope he heads back to his own home soon!


sorry to hear about the wonky yarn and the flu all in one post. glad you're taking care of yourself and do hope you feel better soon!


Oh, get better very, very soon! We need to get those biorhythms kicked up, missy. ;) Bummer about that yarn...


Those sleeves are beautiful, and you've chosen a lovely color! Feel better soon!


Can you go back and duplicate stitch over the flaw in the toe after the review is over? I can't believe there were that many flaws - especially in a skein they sent as a sample.

I am sorry you are sick - the flu is the pits! Are your camellias blooming yet?


I hope you feel better soon!


Rest and lots of fluids! I hope you feel better soon.


Lot of that nasty flu going around. I am staying in the house until flu season is over! Ok, not really. Feel better soon!

The sleeves look great!


Yeah, that is the flu I had. My deepest sympathies. Stay down for a day longer than you think you need to.


That flu is running rampant. So sorry that it's got you feeling low. Those sleeves look great though.


Hope you're feeling better today. The only thing you're lacking is homemade chicken soup.

I once bought a skein of hand-dyed yarn that had a couple knots in it much to my chagrin especially since others raved about the brand. You just never know.


Are you selling your dyed pencil rovings??? I'd love to get some more prgrapejelly. Just asking. :-)


That nasty flu is going around the entire nation. I hope you feel better soon. The sock colorway is stunning! Who cares if they don't match. They are still beautiful.


I've had Mr. Flu too. And then I caught Mr. Stomach Bug. It has not been a good two weeks here. I hope that you are better soon!


Oh, no, not the flu. It has been pretty bad this year. I hope your recovery is swift.

Great socks, btw.....


Flu seems to be ravaging everyone this winter. Get better soon,dear....we are dying to see that sweater complete!


Sorry to hear you are sick. I have just the garden-variety cold, without the muscleaches, but with all the other stuff. Scheiss.

Sleeve Island is a warm place, with margaritas, and cooling breezes, crystal blue sea, clear blue skies. Your sleeves are beautiful!


I hope you are feeling a bit better. Healing thoughts from NH for you!

Bummer about the yarn :(


Ugh, there is just so much crud going around this season. I hope you are back to full health soon.

I just hate flaws in yarn. Such a bummer, especially in socks. I hate extra ends to weave in that might irritate my feet. Yuck.

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