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March 31, 2008



What a perfect G post for you! I haven't even done F yet. Yikes!


What a beautiful homage to the garden, your garden. It brings solace in the reading.


outside, and surrounded by flowers, is such a perfect place to be. the peace, the aroma, the sounds - it's just so amazing! i'll have to see if my library has that book - it looks great!


Lovely! We're not going to have green growing things for a few more weeks yet...


Adding that book to my list RIGHT NOW!! What a wonderful G. I am so hungry for green and growth... and springtime!


The photo above your wisteria looks like an Andromeda or Pieris japonica as seen here:


I have one that is diseased and needs some treatment. When healthy like yours they are gorgeous!


Mmmmmmm. That's all. Just mmmmmm. Thank you.


How nice to see Spring in your corner of the world! Your book sounds wonderful and a definite must for me to pick up for my gardening daughter :-)


Well, I certainly enjoyed that! Thanks.


This is the time of year I miss living in the south the most. I'd already be planting and fussing about in the garden there but here I must be patient and wait a bit longer. I always enjoy your garden posts and lovely accompanying pictures. My local library has that book so I've added it to my request list, thanks for the recommendation!


What a beautiful post. :)


Spring has just started to show a little bit of itself here. Finally. I'm glad your garden went easy on you over the winter. This was a lovely post T.

Lab Cat

That's why I love gardening. You start fresh every spring.



While I can't say I enjoy the actual act of gardening (perhaps too many years crouching and crawling on knees while picking endless rows of strawberries), to walk in a well tended garden or even repose on the grass is balm to my spirit.

Leslie Wind

Is the mystery plant Mountain Laurel?
I love being in the garden too. Every year I am grateful that what I eat in March is not completely dependent on what I harvest in September.


Manise is right, I suspect.

Lovely ode to a garden and what it has to offer. I will find that book.


Your unknown plant is a pieris japonica - wonderful early bloomers!

Thanks for the book reference :-)

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