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February 10, 2008



Just gorgeous, Margene! That is one of the few CMF colorways I didn't pick up, and I am regretting it now! Great combo of pattern and color!

Jen Sirois

Beautiful knitting projects! I love the cables.


Mmm, those socks look wonderful, but the cables in that sweater are totally gorgeous!!


Those cables are gorgeous. Nice socks. Hope you enjoy the chili.


I must try that chili soon, too. Love the socks but that sweater looks like it's loads of fun to knit!


Oh, I love those socks, Teyani. And the sweater is coming along so beautifully. Happy happy cooking and knitting to you, my friend!


The socks are just lovely, I've been waiting for full shots of those! You always inspire me to get out the spinning wheel. The chili looks like just the ticket for dinner tonight and the sweater is going to be absolutely stunning!


the cables look great - and those socks! love the grayscale!


Those socks are so lovely...the cables are devine...the chili sounds delicious! :)


The socks are stunning and the sweater is coming along so well. And now I'm hungry for chili...


So happy to hear you are eating well-but then you are a marvelous cook! I am sure you could post the recipe for the egg plant dish. I found it so many years ago that I do not believe anyone would object. If they do, just tell them your mom said it was all right. Love, Mom


New socks are always nice.


The chicken chili and chicken soup both sound fantastic Teyani. I love the socks...and it is so nice that you have such a connection with them. The cabled sweater is gorgeous! I am a sucker for some sweet cables...


oooh i love the ebony and ivory yarn . . . . i was thinking of getting some of that fiber to spin but i'll wait til my stash is a bit more reduced (HA!).

and is that a fully healed hand i see in the last photo?? yay!


Gorgeous socks. Perfect to wear while eating homemade soup and chili! Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while - I am glad to see all is well....


Your socks are wonderful! What a great colorway that is. I wish I had gotten around to ordering that one.

Your sweater is coming along really nicely. Those cables look great! Which pattern is that again? I love Cascade 220.


I just love the way those cables look. Nice work on that sweater.


Both the socks and the sweater look fabulous! And the chili sounds very yummy!


I love those cables. This must mean your hand is doing very well.


I *love* those cables! Fabulous. What wonderful furry helpers you have, too. :-)

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