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February 24, 2008



Bummer about the damaged yarn! I'll be interested to see how the second sock behaves colorwise.


interesting - I am not a fan of pooling or flashing, and that yarn looks like it did both! hopefully it will give Alison some valuable information (along with the damaged strands) she can pass along to her customers - and I agree - she rocks!!!


That is a great review! Now we need to know just what the sock yarn is. Alison has such great yarn and wonderful service!
Didn't this past weekend include your special day? Happy Birthday!


I know just what you mean about damaged yarn. I had the same experience recently with yarns from 2 totally different places. One was a very well known sock yarn and the other was a local indy dyer. It was such a bummer because all of the damage appeared in one small area of one sock - the heel. I can't think of a worse place for that kind of issue.


What a fun opportunity. Interesting the way the colors turned out. Very clever to change needle sizes to change the effect. The damaged part is disappointing, so good thing this was review yarn. Your sock looks great!


I love the colors as they look in the skein. Too bad about all the damaged areas and the pooling.


I love ordering from Allison! She writes notes on the packing slips. It makes me feel special. :D

Fantastic review - really thorough. You've also improved my yarny vocabulary with "flashing." I wonder if some skeins end up with so many knots because of breaks like that - someone in the factory catches them and knots them together?

Leslie Wind

Just seeing the pictures made my hands wish for the full experience of the yarn. Thanks for the sock hints.


The yarn pooled on the foot because though you went back down to the original stitch count post-gusset, the pattern stitch is only carried down the top of the foot. The stockinette stitch uses up a different amount of yarn than does the stitch-patterning. It's a very minor difference yardage-wise, but enough to cause the colors to show up differently. :)


The skein kind of looks like Plymouth's Happy Feet. It looks like the color I almost bought this past weekend. And I hate bad yarn like that. But at least there were no knots. And flashing and pooling all come down to gauge.

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