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February 27, 2008



How wonderful they make an appearance now! We have yet to see a sign of spring that 'real'.


They are beautiful! My tulips and daffodils have the smallest points of green poking through the mud - hooray! I always hate planting bulbs in the fall but when spring comes around I'm always so glad I did.


Ahhhh, here is to renewal.
Hugs - Ceci


Dear Spring, please be right around the corner. Please! Those croci definitely are enchanting, T.


Color! I am so envious of your spring flowers.


Thanks, Teyani, for such a beautiful and touching post.


What a wonderful thing to see! Reborn.


XOXO is all I can say...


What a beautiful tribute to croci! And to the hope and optimism, at even the darkest moments, of the human heart. *hugs*

Teresa C

This is a beautiful "E" post! All of that hope and with the growth I'm hoping is a healing, happier you.


Ah, beautiful!


Lovely! (I wish they were growing here already.)

I think perhaps E could also be for "evolving."


I heard some birds singing a few mornings back. It was such a wonderful sound. I also saw some snow geese flying north. I am so excited for spring. This Michigan winter has gone on long enough. (Too bad it doesn't listen to me. Snow is in the forecast again. Sigh.)


Hope springs eternal in the planting of fall bulbs , AND that our Spring will be around the corner soon. Very pretty.


What a beautiful picture....this up coming year IS going to be a good one for you...I can feel it!


How beautiful! Ours won't come for at least another six weeks, but it's good to know spring is abroad in the land.


sigh. they're talking 1-2" of snow tonight and tomorrow. i want spring. now.


It is always fun to watch the bulbs start to pop. And they don't take much to get them into the ground which is always nice.


All things will be made new, Teyani. It's a beautiful truth to cling to, isn't it?

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