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February 19, 2008



It's a delight just to read about your weekend, but what a delight it would have been to be there! I'm envious of your class with Judith.


It was really lovely to meet you even though we didn't have much of an opportunity to hang out - definitely one of the highlights of a fantastic weekend for me!

Sheila E

So lovely to see you at Madrona!! You looked Marvelous Darling!!
Thanks for coming by!!
Much love ;)


You lucky, lucky girl!!!!


It must have been strange to experience the festival from the "other" side. I'm glad you had fun and enjoyed time with your friends and learned new spinning techniques, too. SOME DAY I'm going to be there with you.


Yes, quite delightful! I'd love to take a class with Judith one of these days. Rest your hand, now...


Happy early birthday!! :) Actually, taking two days off and spending them with your fiber friends sounds like a fabulous present for yourself.

hpny knits

looks like so much fiber fun!! great.


It sounds like you had a great time! But, come on, I'm dying to know . . . ONE tip from Judith's class? Just ONE??

Amelia G.

It was great to see you there, thanks for sitting next to me in class! Let's take another Judith class again soon :-)


Oh, that does sound delightful. I'm glad you had fun.
; )


what a wonderful day! that spinning is amazing! how thin it is!!!


That really does sound delightful. Happy early birthday. I keep watching fo Judith to teach a class close to me. I've heard such fabulous things about her.


Sounds fabulous! I am so envious. Beautiful spinning, y'know.

Happy birthday a touch early. Celebrate it well.


I'm sorry I missed you! I looked for you at the market, to no avail. Isn't taking knitting classes just the most fun?!


It sounds like you had so much fun!

Wanda J

Happy Birthday Teyani!
May this year be full of grace and good stuff.

We'd hoped to get up to Madrona for a day or two but business keeps us too busy. One of these days I'll take a "real" spinning class but the foundation you gave me has carried me a long ways. :-)


Happy Birthday, dear heart. Wishing you joy, health, peace and beauty this year.


I bet that class was amazing. It is so cool to see all the different yarns you spun and how thin they got. I'm sure if was very strange to be at Madrona as a spectator this year. It sounds like you and your friends had a wonderful time. I hope your birthday was wonderful and special and happy T!

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