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January 15, 2008



Your vest is gorgeous, and I love that colour!!


That's a lot of spinning but I hope your hand returns to normal soon. The vest looks terrific on you!


what a great vest! perfect for layering!! i love firefly! hubby discovered it and got me hooked!


Great stuff! I love spinning and watching great shows. Thanks for the recommendation. The actress that plays River plays a Terminator in the new series on Fox. It is fun to watch her kick rear. I love tough women. They give me a ton of confidence. Happy Spinning!


You look fabulous! (The vest looks pretty darn good, too.)

Serenity's actually the sequel to the TV series Firefly. I got the Firefly soundtrack for Christmas and am really enjoying it.


You look great in your new vest. I can't wait to start mine. The yarn just arrived yesterday.


that vest looks great on you and i am envious of all your spinning!


It really looks great on you, so flattering! I really want to make the Short Sleeved Cardigan with Ribbing from that book.


Your spinning looks great. There must be some irony in the fact that I start a spinning along and then just don't have it in me to spin.
Love the vest! It looks fabulous and warm.


Great vest Teyani...it's the second one I've seen this week from Fitted Knits. The shaping looks fabuous, and it is of course, oh, so flattering on you! Nicely done!


I am impressed with your talent of mirror photography!!! you could always take it up as a 3rd job! (and crazy hard working you would prob.find a way to turn it into a job!) Beautiful work as always.


What a great vest! It looks great on you:)

Hey I just noticed pictures of roving on the side bar.... Does this mean what I think it means? maybe some beautiful sock yarn or yarn in general in the future? Wishful thinking:) You are so talented!


you look beautiful! the vest is flattering -- not sure how you manage to work so much and still find time to spin and knit!


Gorgeous vest! I've been spinning every day too, and like you have to rest. :-)


Ooooo... The vest looks great on you!

The spinning looks wonderful too. I love how shiny the tencel blend is.


Firefly was a fun series! Your vest looks great!


You look great in the vest! Nice work! (Or maybe I should say "nice play"--we all know that knitting is not work!)


Your vest is perfect! I absolutely love that color on you!!!

I hope your thumb and hand are feeling better soon!


Beautiful vest! And happy spinning -- I'm still trying to get around to it...


That is a very full bobbin! When I ply my fat yarn for my scarves, my bobbin is usually the same.

And nice job with the vest.


If you are spinning it is great news!!! It means your hand is healing.


Wow, your vest came out great! It looks so wonderful on you! You did an awesome job on it and the fact it is made with handspun amkes it all the nicer. Nice job Teyani!

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