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January 28, 2008





Your lovely B reminds me that I need to do the same for my own soul now and then!


They're beautiful. I love having fresh flowers in the house. They are a perfect treat.

Thanks for the spinning advice today. I have been reading up on it. I plied and wound my first skeins today of some merino. I am going to wash them in the morning. Yay! Then I will tackle the CMF roving. I am so excited!


They are beautiful. Enjoy them while they last. Then go buy some more!


Alstromeria is one of my favorite flowers as they last SO long! Enjoy every minute of their beauty!


Love those flowers. I agree with Margene, they last forever.


I love buying flowers for really no reason than that they are pretty. it's the best reason of all!


Excellent B! It's marvelous how flowers can change the mood of a room just by being there.


It's so wonderful to treat yourself to flowers now and then! It's a guaranteed, instant lift.


Beautiful choice for B.


i don't usually get flowers, because my cat eats them :(

enjoy yours!


Oh, they are so pretty! I love having fresh flowers in the house.

Sheila E

I'm Definitely With You!
Beautiful picture Too!!
Treating ourselves with flowers is such a kind thing to do.....
Those colors are YUMM ;)


I completely agree that there is something so soothing about having fresh flowers in your home. The color of that bouquet is stunning!


Isn't it wonderful to have real fresh flowers in the middle of winter? Enjoy every minute of them, Teyani!

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