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January 07, 2008


Suzy SZ

TTFN is from Winnie the Pooh. Tigger says it all the time in the old cartoons. Our family has been using it for years. Glad your hand is getting better, it really is not nice when we cannot do the things we love because some part of us is protesting. I had foot surgeries and so learned to treadle with the foot that was currently not in a surgical boot. I had one wheel that would not work without both feet on the treadles--so that one was sold to a friend. BTW, my daughter works for Coldwater Creek here in Coeur d'Alene. She loves it there and says they are great to work for. TTFN, Suzy


In answer to your question about if I have a favorite acronym: IDK. I don't know.

Dave Daniels

Oh, I've been using acronyms for a long time. WTF. STFU. FOAD. ESAD. GAYM. NTIWYOIBIOOY. LMOA. The list is endless, really.
And the spinning thing for a month is a cute idea. I'm doing it for a whole YEAR. (Yes, I have that much fiber that it should take me at least a year of non-stop spinning to make a dent.)


ASAP: As Soon As Possible. I learned that one at work.
; )


SNAFU -- Having no military relatives, I didn't even know this was an acronym until I was in college.

I'm with Dave; I'll be spinning more all year, in hopes of making a dent in the many piles of fiber littered about my house. Of course, then they become yarn that I have to do something with, but I'll think about that next year!


Um, I use a lot of telecom acronyms at work - LATA, LEC, CLEC, IXC, etc. In the online world, I use LOL and LMFAO a lot. It's good to see you spinning again!


Another vote for SNAFU here. It describes my work days perfectly.


Ah, the acronym. Well, I use PQL, RR, and RM all the time for my own family on the blog. I also like LOL. My dad was in the Army reserves for 20 years, so I know some of the slang from that. My favorites... FUBAR, and LPC left/ LPC right.


I have several online friends that I chat with. LOL is used daily here along with ROFL and OMG (oh my gosh). I find it hard to write a professional letter now. Bad habits are hard to break. (like skipping capitalization)


ROFL and LMAO (laughing my ass off) and ROFLMAO (rolling on the floor laughing my ass off)

Oh, and LOL I am so jelous of you and your fiber and class. How fun to learn to spin a "gossamer thread". I wish I lived on the other side of the US and was talking this class with you. Plus, taking a class from Judith would be so interesting!!!

Have loads of fun! And don't forget to LOL. But vacume before you ROFL.


Your merino/tencel roving is so squeezable looking!! Isn't it wonderful to be spinning again?

Acronyms...OMG and I know, this one is a bit naughty, but sometimes it just fits...WTF

Happy Spinning!


That's a great A. I still need to put mine together. I think that using instant messaging has added to my use of acronyms quite a bit. I use ttyl (talk to you later) a lot but my fave has to be WTF because it fits a lot when dealing with attorneys and children (is there a difference) as I do.


i did some spinning today too! just to test some samples of fiber that anne sent me but boy was it nice! it's been months for me too, i'm afraid; life has been too busy and sometimes the wheel just slips my mind completely.



Which stands for "William Henry is in the Trash Can." Just kidding, there is no time even for acronyms when you are fishing the cat out of the trash!


Spinning just hasn't been quite the same since you left--Everytime I hear one of the Sock Hop Songs I get sad. Do you think you will ever come back?


SNAFU is a big one around here, with 2 teen age boys, one a special needs kid, lol. all you can do islaugh sometimes. iw as going to c omment on earlier posts, but the comments were closed, so you're getting them all here!

the cookie recipe: i've never seen a rolled sugar cookie recipe with brown sugar, i will have to give that one a shot!

The reincarnationist: i'm reading it right now, and considering istarted it yesterday and i'm already on page 180 should say something. i likee much!

cats & trees: i learned a long time ago, ornaments have to be in the top 2/3, even if the tree is up on a table. my jimi is a gymnast, and goes for anything that dangles. he usually leaves my knits a lone though.

FO's: those 2 sweaters are gorgeous on you! i love the cabled one (but i SWOON over good cables, so no big surprise there)

i contemplated joining the ABC along, but i died after I last year, so i think i'll just watch everyone else. i'm not joining much of anything this year. i think i need the brain rest!


Oh that class sounds awesome. I want to learn how to spin a gossamer thread too! Wah.

The ones I use the most are probably LOL, LMAO and WTF.


Hey Lady,
national spin more month......hmmmm sounds like my kind of month. Lets see yesterday I spun and plyed a pound of sock hop. Started at 6:30am finished at 9:00pm.....How can I spin more?..wtf...lol, lmao, rof, SMAO...(spinning my a** off)
TTFN Cheryl


What a wonderful class you have lined up. I'm envious. That was an excellent 'A'. My favorite acronym in the job is "WNL". That's short for within normal limits, but wiseguys call it 'we never looked'.


Those are great, I haven't heard many of those examples. In some cases the acronyms turn into language; I have been known to say "WTF?" out loud, and my partner turned "BRB" (be right back) into a word (pr. "burrib"). In retaliation, I stopped spelling out the response "O.K." and turned it into a word (pr. "ock"). We are geeks. LOL.

FTW = For The Win. FTW indicates that the thing you are referring to is necessary for "winning" either in a literal or figurative sense. Knitting and spinning FTW!


I must add two more:

NSFW = Not Safe For Work. Invoke the power of NSFW to end those inappropriate coffee room discussions.

CLM = Career Limiting Move. An action that deteriorates your professional image in such a way that you won't get selected for a better position. Discussing NSFW topics during the staff meeting could be a CLM. :)

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