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December 09, 2007



You've reminded me that to feel closer to my far-away family all I have to do is unwrap some of those little Christmas traditions (and put Meet Me in St Louis in the DVD player). Yes, it's time.


Dale and I have a print of Christmas-y scene that we bought together the first year we were married. We hang it up on Thanksgiving night and that's how we start our Christmas decorating. Are you going to share that family cookie recipe?


I have a few favorite Christmas CDs, but my all-time fave has to be the Vince Guaraldi Trio's "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Having grown up on that Charlie Brown Christmas cartoon, that music immediately evokes the holiday like nothing else. I also love the Beach Boys' Christmas Album, Ella fitgerald's "Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas" and Diana Krall's "Christmas Songs." I usually start making dough for Christmas cookies about a week or two in advance and freeze it. Around the 22nd, I start the baking marathon, which includes spritz cookies, 2 different kinds of shortbread, gingerbread men, spice drops and raspberry crescents. I'd love to swap recipes with you if you're willing to part with that family recipe!


I don't really have any holiday traditions, but it's lovely to read about yours!


Ah yes. This year, the holiday involved unwrapping treasured ornaments and telling who made it or where we got it to my new husband. The girls just encircled him with all the goings on. How weird it must be for them...I too have a snowman collection. Please send a post address to me...Blue skies!


i like to watch the house across the street as it it slowly transformed over the course of the weeks between thanksgiving and christmas. from the moment it is stripped of cornshocks and pumpkins, it gathers winter decorations like a magnet so that, and by the week before the holiday, it is a glorious blaze of lights and a cacophony of figures, hangings, and garlands (picture coming soon at my blog).

we are much more quiet revelers.


To be honest I don't do any of things I used to do when my kids were small. It's just not the same, so I kind of skip it all now. And I'm ok with that.


Traditions are a flexable thing in my house. It all depends on who is around for the holidays and what the road conditions are like. We will have a real tree that the kids will decorate (after I do the light thing) with ornaments that we have gathered and made over the years. I will watch with a glass of holiday cheer held in my tired hand. We will have a turkey dinner with all of the fixings, although where is yet to be seen. We will spend time with family and friends. And we will have Cindy over for her birthday dinner on the solstice. And i will not have to get the kids up for school for two weeks!


Oh my gosh, your daughters look so cute and tiny! With James now being 5 MONTHS OLD I'm starting to realize how quickly time can pass. *sniff*
I welcome the holidays with eating. Seriously- it's non stop here. Cookies, cakes, big dinners and lunches to catch up with friends and family. It's INSANE.


Well, we usually buy a Hallmark ornament every year to commemorate the year. This year, my hubby decided to go handmade and is having a co-worker (who is extremely crafty), to make a couple for us. Yes, training him well... :-) We also like watching holiday movies togeter. I also always get a box or two of Andes candies as we love eating them at Christmas, and the kids and I sing Christmans carols together whenever possible.


You have been having some nasty weather out there. Try not to get hurt again. Does your having those pictures of fiber in the sidebar mean you are dyeing and selling again? Or is it just history?

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