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December 15, 2007



I love that vest! I have that book and I haven't made anything from it yet, but I like so many of the patterns.


That is such a cute vest! It looks like great mindless knitting too.


i love that vest, but i never wear them so i ahve been enjoying the many finished ones i've seen around. i bet yours will look great in handspun.


Very nice, good color, and should look great. How the West Was Spun Anne just finished one in red.

Waiting hungrily for a new Xmas cookie recipe.....


That vest is going to be so cute on you. It's snowing here and I'm baking cookies today.


The vest looks warm, cozy and very chic, too! How wonderful to use your handspun!!


The vest and the color of the handspun are perfect for each other! I can't wait to see it finished.....I love it!


That is going to be so pretty in your handspun. It's a perfect project for this crazy time of year. It's very you!


I love the color! Hope your recipe arrives soon. :)


It will be gorgeous, Teyani! And of course it will fit, you silly goose!


Very cute pattern!


I'm not a huge vest fan, but that one I looked at a couple of times when I took the book out of the library...super cute!


Cute vest. Gorgeous yarn. Isn't it funny how some people dread ribbing and some find it easy and welcome it with open arms.


The stitch marker is wonderful!! And the sweater be be a lovely addition to your wardrobe. And take advantage of your breaks. I always made a point to sit done on mine and get off my feet.

Enjoy making your cookies when your recipe arrives!!!!

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