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November 07, 2007



I think it's wonderful that your daughters are so different and equally talented, too.


Your daughters are so talented! It must come from their mothers side! You did (are doing) a great job!


you should be proud - they are both incredible people!


Congrats to both of your wonderful daughters!


You have lots to be proud of! Both are beautiful and talented!


Bragging about your talented daughters is absolutely deserved. They're both very special.


What more indeed? You've raised some fine young women.

Kathleen C.

How wonderful to have raised two such strong, fine women.
The costume looks fabulous... by the way the character's name is Titania. She is the queen of the Fairies. And I love the headpiece!


Being a former Seattle-ite, I DEFINITELY understand what a HUGE deal the Pacific Science Center thing is. CONGRATULATIONS!


Brag away! You have earned your bragging rights!


Very very cool and congratulations to Erin! Governor's Honors is an incredible program! I met Michael at the Georgia one (many many years ago - we are unashamed of our nerdiness). Best of luck, Kate! Keep bragging, I love to hear about both of them.


My daughters are very different too. One is very sporty, one very musical. I think it's great that they are each their own unique person! Yay for talented kids and proud parents lol!


You couldn't ask for much more. What a great post.


Congratulation on both your daughters' successes. It is wonderful to hear of such strong, capable young women. Good job!


That's wonderful news for Erin! I wish I lived close so I could go! And way to go Kate! Ya did good Mom.

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