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November 24, 2007



it snowed for the first time on wednesday. we got about an inch of snow. my mom was in the hospital, but was doing much better. she had a lovely view out the window, and we just sat and watched it snow for a little bit. hopefully i'll have many more first snows to watch with her (she's almost 80)


I enjoy reading about the things that are good about working retail at holiday time -- pretty windows and happy customers balance the aches and pains!


Enjoy your day off, you've certainly earned it!


'Tis the time of year you retail people burn the candles at both ends. You got snow? We've had our first a month or so ago...we're dry as bone now and dying, just dying for more. Enjoy your day off....relax and do something for you!


That is a lovely window display! Sounds like you have been working really hard. Enjoy your day off.


I hope you're enjoying your day off!


Enjoy the day off, and the hair appt, and the fun time chatting with your daughter! It's going to get even more hectic from here on in!


It's sounds like you're having a good time! As crazy as it was, I do sort of miss working retail during the holidys. It was a lot of hard work, but fun too.


Can't wait for the FO shots, since I know they were dearly bought FOs. No matter what the work, and no matter what the environment, and no matter what the hours, there is community. That counts for a great deal.


I'm so glad you have your camera back. Dad and I both think your picture of the hedge and leaves is so beautiful. What a talented daughter you are. No snow or leaves in Florida but lots of memories of waking in New England to the silence of snow--and you children hoping it was a "snow" day. Love, Mom


The hours seem to get longer and longer working retail during the Christmas push. But it sounds like you have a great group of people to work with.


Beautifully done, Teyani. I know how you feel. Working for a very large church, I'm sure people wonder who does all the decorating...I do. With a small team of wonderful volunteers. So, you can guess how we spent our Thanksgiving Holiday weekend!
Isn't it fun though?


A Day OFF??? Congrats!! Here in the land of cheesecake the days off happen in January. Hope you injoyed it, I'm Looking forward to a day off, but right now I am happy for the business! Having your hair done....now I'm drownding in envy...hmmmm Seattle's not that far, maybe some day.... I have never found anyone who could give me a good hair style and this creative daughter of yours seems mighty talented. I may just have to get brave someday and try again. Stringy waist long hair gets boring.
Enjoy the retail business! Rest when you can, remember when you burn the candle at both ends, the fires eventualy meet in the middle and burn each other up.

Dave Daniels

I had to backtrack and re-read about your store windows. The company I work for also hires out to do this locally here in town. It's such an undertaking, since we've been in Holiday Mode for months on end now. Finally, on 11/29, we can start talking about January and Valentine's day stuff. Next month, talks of the Spring season begin. Retail - what a world.
Oh, and your windows do look really great!


Your post sounds so upbeat...yay! Great news that you have your camera back and a day off in which to enjoy yourself.

It all sounds good!

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