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November 15, 2007



Happy thanksgiving to you! My thoughts are with you and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season (hard to imagine, not being able to spin and all, but still!). :o)

Kathleen C.

Coldwater Creek has some pretty nice clothes. And I bet there's an employee discount. Don't spend your paycheck all in one place (a good reason why I could never work at a yarn shop, heehee)!
Seriously though, it's good to hear the uplifted tone. I sure wish you more healing days ahead. Mentally, emotionally and physically!


I'm glad the job is working out the way you had hoped. I'll miss you if you don't comment, though. :-(


I am glad you found something to keep you busy. It sounds like the perfect job for you right now. I would like to find a fun, low pressure job myself, and I have been looking. Something will turn up eventually I imagine.

Be well and take care of that hand!


We'll miss you. It's nice to hear that things are working out for you. Being happy with what you're you're doing and the direction that you're heading is important. Good luck!

Dave Daniels

You're adjusting to the changes really well. And I know what you mean about getting the store ready for the Holidays. I've been working madly for 6 weeks on photographing holiday floral arrangements, and I'm burnt out. :)


Life is full of constant changes. Just when we settle in and think we're in for a calm ride the waves come and upturn the boat! Don't spend more than you make on all the great clothes! ;-)


I'm glad you found something new and enjoyable to balance your life!


You sound really positive, T, and I'm so glad to hear it. You've been on my mind.

And I've worn Coldwater Creek for years! I have a closet full of their skirts, some of them years old, and still quite stylish. Great pick as a part time job. Enjoy that employee discount!


You sound so good. ; )


Change is a hard thing no matter how or when it happens. Staying busy is a great way to keep both mind and body active! Sounds like you are on the right track!


Happy Thanksgiving! It's so inspiring to watch you making positive changes like this. I have a hard time dealing with change, even when I know it's necessary.


Wow! Are you sure Coldwater Creek will add to your income? :) I'm glad to hear you've found something to keep you busy. I love their clothes. Enjoy!


I am so glad that you are finding little bits to fill up those spaces. It's hard to go with the flow sometimes, isn't it? Do you think you will go back to dyeing sometime in the future? You do such lovely work.

Coldwater Creek has some of my all time favorite clothing!


Very interesting post. I've just spent time alone with each of my daughters this week, and felt compelled to pretty much give them this same talk. My message was--always be willing to look at your life. Evaluate for yourself. Why am I doing what I am doing and who am I doing it for? Do what I am doing fit with my values? In the 5 years since the divorce, they have weathered change alongside me, though we each experience things differently. I'm glad to hear you recognize the spaces and are proactive about them. O wisdom is hard won, is it not? CC is my favorite. Due to $$, I have a few select but well-loved pieces. Wishing you Blue Skies!


So many peole try to bury their unhappiness in retail therapy at this time of year. But it all comes back after the holidays. And isn't the holiday season a time for higher numbers of suicides?

And Coldwater Creek is nice place. I was actually shopping at the one near me Wednesday. And at least you know fibers which will help. There is a lady who works at the local one who has no clue. She actually had no clue that spandex was an elastic fiber and won't shrink.


Dear, dear Girl, What a good blog. I knew you would make it through all the turmoil in your life. I love all the comments from your blogger friends. They are great people. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of them and much love, Mom


i didn't notice there weren't pictures til you mentioned it . . i just kept making them up in my head i guess.


Glad to see that things are moving along. Being "forced" to be out with new people around will be good for you. Hope the hand is improving on schedule. Incredible that a second's mistake has to be paid for so long. Wonderful to see your two beautiful daughters are doing so well. Happy Thanksgiving to you!


Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. Of course I would read a picture-less post. I always love seeing what you're up to, but you write beautifully, so I don't mind not seeing photos. I'm glad to see that you have found something that suits you, occupies your time, and gives you extra money. It's the trifecta!!


I hope you adjust well to the change. I am happy for you that you found something you enjoy, even if it wasn't what you thought you would be doing. Sometimes we do just have to go with the flow. Have a happy Thanksgiving!


I'm glad that you have had time to reevaluate your life. Most days, to most people (I think) everything goes by like it on fast forward. I'm glad that you have another job at a supportive and from all accounts, wonderful place.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving!

The only constant is change, yes? I'm happy to hear that you found something that fits well into your life in all aspects (financial, support system, social network, time). I know that more changes will happen as you heal your hand and heal your heart.

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