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November 02, 2007



You should check out the Craft blog! It's a good source for whimsy.


Oh, that is going to be a funny, funny scarf. I'm glad to hear you're continuing to improve!


Have you seen this version too?



Hurrah for gutter cleaning and hand improvement! Kids (and I use that term loosely) do pick the darndest projects. I made the mistake of leaving out "Domiknitrix" on the coffee table and Dan's chosen a vest with a man's face on it as his next gift. I've seen the "Craft" magazine in all the bookstores as well.


Who needs whimsy when confronted with the image of a one-handed person climbimg ladders to the roof? How did you hold on while you cleaned the gutter?


Not much whimsy here, just trying to crank out some Christmas gifts. Maybe in January?


The scarf is very cute. Hannah would love it.


What?? How did I miss that scarf? I LOVE that! I've got to get my hands on that magazine!


I love that magazine. There's lots of interesting crafting in them. This quarter's issue is all about repurposing things as wrapping paper and boxes.


Brittany beat me to it, I was going to point out the Magknits scarf....


My Dad is the same way! I was raised to be able to do anything, whether considered traditionally male or female. It's taken me far in life!

Love the scarf. I think I remember one like it designed by Marnie McLean.

It's so good to hear that you are healing, and especially that the pain is less severe. Continued good thoughts for you....


Dave Daniels

That scarf really is a fantastic idea. (And perfect for those extra skeins of bumble bee yellow and black yarn!) That really is great.


It is wonderful that your dad gave you that gift!
And it is also wonderful that you have given your daughter the gift of knowing what she wants and not being afraid to ask for it. She also has great taste!


I'm glad your feeling better and continuing to improve Teyani. The scarf is truly cute. Will she model it for us when its done? Grin.


It's good to hear your hand is improving and you're able to do more as a result. It really was a horrible injury! The scarf is a hoot. You'll feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment when it's finished and have a good laugh, too!

hpny knits

glad to read you are on the mend! knitting is good PT. the scarf is hilarious! glad she asked for something!


I know that pattern! I am a big fan of Craft! It is the little sister of Make magazine - they had so many crafty submissions they decided they needed a sibling. Make has more of the soldering iron type of projects. You really dodged the bullet on the Red Heart. Not that Red Heart doesn't have its place in the fiber world - it's just that its place shouldn't be touching anyone's neck.


More power to you doing all the "mem's" jobs. I always find so much satisfaction in doing that stuff.
I love the Police Line scarf. That is such a funny project.

Leslie Wind

So glad to hear that your hand is healing. Hard for me to imagine numb knitting let alone numb gutter cleaning.


what a great scarf!!!! I remember seeing it somewhere before....


thanks for reminding me that I still need to clean the gutter on the backside of the warehouse. The trees have been dropping twigs into it all season. we can do anything we set our minds too. And women at least have the sense to know when to call in an expert.

And I love that scarf!!! I need to find that book and make one for my brother. I could change it to read Fire Line and make it for a few friends. (Yes, I have easy access to fire line and police line tape if you want some to wrap the scarf with later on.)

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