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July 25, 2007



Great tutorial on Sock HOp yarn :-)! Glad to see that you are fitting in some spinning time!

Oohh...before I forget....where did you get those metal cubed shelves? I would love some in my studio :-)


Ahhhhhh the gentle soothing rhythm spinning......always settles one's nerves.... and good news, my wheel is now up and running. (had one more breakdown after last email).... so I am spinning along side you (just 120 miles away) doing my part to make the world a calmer place!!!
Still lov'en that Sock Hop!!!! not too much longer and I will be hitting 150 pounds of the stuff and still grinning ear to ear. Thanks for making such a wonderful fiber to spin!


Thanks for the info about the way you spin the Sock Hop yarn, that's very interesting! Even better is that, as I was reading, I envisioned at least one or two other ways it could be done for cool effects... hmmm... I guess I'll have to get me some of your roving, one of these days!


I really do need to go and take that spinning class. I want to spin my own Sock Hop. Practice makes perfect.


Very helpful to see the roving split in that photo. I think I get it now!


I am going to try spinning my next batch that way. I thought you always had to split roving lengthwise. It would be much easier not to. I can't wait to try it.

8 oz. on one bobbin... Wow!


That was really helpful for me and my dh found it interesting too. He just loved watching me spin the Magic Carpet that I got and the whole spinning thing fascinates him.

Account Deleted

Cool!!! Off to by some more roving. So I can try my hand at this.


That was an incredibly helpful and awesome tutorial !!


Good tip about the bloom of superwash merino. I've thought I've spun a thin enough single and then ended up with a yarn thicker than I wanted. I'm going to try to spin thinner next time.

Meg in North AL

I'm glad you and your Suzie are settling in, Teyani. I've had mine for a little over a year now, and though it's not my only wheel, it's the one I use the most. Thanks for the tutorial on spinning Sock Hop yarn. I've wondered what your specs were -- now I know!


I really need to get more Sock Hop roving one of these days . . . (grin)


Very interesting post. I actually have sock yarn spinning on my to-do list. I have a Dorset fleece that has been recommended for sock yarn. It may be awhile before I actually get to this, but I want to someday. Love the photo of Miss Emily!


Thanks so much for the tutorial! Love it!


Oh very cool post. Thank you for sharing! I hope you're settling in well. I am also wondering which local mill you use? I have some fleeces I'm never going to get around to washing myself, and it'd be great to send them off for processing. :)


Thanks for posting this - as I read it I tried to remember how I spun my Sock Hop roving - and I realized that I didn't do it this way. I loved how mine came out - but maybe I need to buy more to try your way! Good luck with continuing to unpack - hope you finish soon.


one of these days i'll get my sister to spin some sock hop yarn....it looks so amazing in the pre-spun state!


Thanks for the commentary on the SuziePro. I have thoughts about getting one. Suppose that will have to wait though--I brought home a 36" 4-shaft floor loom earlier in the summer. Although it was much cheaper than a new wheel, I don't think it's a good idea to bring it up now though. The thought of getting all 8 oz. of Sock Hop is real tempting though....

I just love Secret Agent Man! I think it is my favorite. I think a Zimmerman Adult Surprise Sweater might be in my future... It's funny though, I would have never chosen that one from the roving picture. You should consider writing how you chose the colors and titles sometime. I often wonder that as I am spinning them.


just saying hello, Teyani! And hope you are doing well. I think about you every day, dear!

Amelia Garripoli

Thanks so much for the tips on the sock hop -- I'm getting ready to spin the second 4 oz. of Hang on Sloopy (any day now!)

I'm so glad you've made friends with the Suzie. If you decide she's a good wheel for you, here's my after-market improvement: I took a piece of 5/16" steel rod to the local machine shop and had them cut 2 12" lengths for me -- that way I can store 3 bobbins on the front of the wheel on each of the pegs instead of "just 2". There are also great insights on this wheel on Abby's blog -- http://www.abbysyarns.com/wordpress -- as it's one of her favorites too.


Love the picture of Miss Emily! Chaos spends a lot of time sleeping like that, too.

hpny knits

sounds good.
any chance of a long weekend workshop in the future? if we know well in advance- we could hop over!


Thanks for the further info about spinning Sock Hop yarn! I'm planning on diving into my (giant) bag of CMF rovings again very soon and would like to end up with yarn that's not quite so different skein to skein as I have so far. My first two skeins of Hang on Sloopy look like they're from two different dye lots!

I have a bobbin of Magic Carpet Ride waiting for it's mate right now, though. And Sloopy and You Baby predrafted a bit and ready to go. And a plan for a sweater next year that I'm sure you will be involved with...

Thanks for all the fun!


Good tutorial! I assume 2 ply is assumed?

It's so hard to tame the feet.


Great info on how to spin up your rovings! How do you get your cat to sit on your lap as your legs are whirling away? Mine can't stand the constant motion.

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