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May 06, 2007



Hi Teyani,
I'm your Blooming Feet pal. I"ve been trying to email you over the past week, once last Saturday and then again this last Friday. I got no replies so I thought I better try your blog.

Just wanted to thank you so much for all the very cool stuff you managed to cram into my BF package. And the socks are not only absolutely beautiful, but they fit perfectly!

Thanks so much!


It's pretty! And you've continued on, rather than throwing it into a heap in the corner.... which I might've done. :)


That's so frustrating about the front, but, be glad you caught it now instead of a month from now. :-)


That sweater is absolutely gorgeous. I wish it were mine, I wish I were knitting it, I wish I COULD knit it. Someday...


Bummer about the time you lost fixing the mistake. Good luck finishing the sleeves. It's really beautiful.


It's just lovely so far!



(Isn't photographing red HARD?)


Gorgeous! Ripping back is just a part of knitting it seems. Although I need a day before I can dive back in again.


It's a great sweater and I LOVE the color, too!


Sorry about the re-knitting you've had to do on this one. It sure is beautiful though, so it will be worth it in the end. The button band looks nice and neat too!


That is looking absolutely gorgeous .. despite its need of that rip and re-knit. Good luck finishing it up. I'm sure we'll all want to see completed modeled photos.


it is beautiful - well worth the effort to rip and re-knit!


Very pretty! I know you'll be happy you took the high road and did it the hard way :o)

hhpny knits

it looks great!!! sound like my perfect knitter my grandma who wold rip no matter how far along she was if there was a tiny mistake...


That's about the prettiest thing I've seen in days - and I've been to MD Sheep and Wool! Lovely!


This is looking beautiful Teyani! I love that shade of red. I love watching lace grow.


Hmmm. That pattern sounds a little...vague. It looks gorgeous, though. You are having more patience than I probably would. I love the red!


Wow! What a fantastically gorgeous sweater. From the pattern to the color, it is mouthwatering!


I'm having serious red envy, Teyani!


Pretty! Does that yarn come in a turquoise color?


Bravo for your attitude! To have such issues in construction but to keep soldiering dwelling on the positive rewards.

Inspite of the setbacks you're moving along very quickly. By now you've worn it. :-)

Wowzers on that shade of red!


Those times are when I just start repeating to myself...it's all about the process...it's all about the process... Then sometimes I just scream!

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