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May 02, 2007



Oh my God, that must have been scary. I was freaked out just reading about your reaction. I'm very glad to hear that you are doing much better, and that you know what caused the allergic reaction and can avoid sulfites in the future.

Well, the lace cardi is looking fabulous. I was just checking out the Vickie Howell line the other day, thinking I would like to try some. Now that I know you are carrying it, I may have to get some for a nice summer top!


I had a similar thing happen to me but still haven't figured out what it was. But at least I could still breath. And I would have to agree that sulfites are not my friend!
One of the students (soon to be ex-student) is very environmentally conscious. She weaves with only easily renewable yarns. The hemp that she found is dreamy! As is the bamboo. Love the bamboo!

hpny knits

the sweater in Gwen is going to be lovely! just the perfect summer buddy.
I get the "stuffy nose" from sulfites as well. I get it from dry fruits and some wines, and thank goodness to some sulfite free products in our local shops.
be well!


Thanks for the review of the "Rock" yarn. I'll have to look for a worthy project so I can order some.

Damn those sulfites! I'm so glad to hear that you are okay. TOO SCARY!


I love the new sweater! I'm sorry about your scary reaction to the margarita. Geez, you must have felt awful. I'm glad you're better and it wasn't more serious.


Many people, sadly, do not recognize how dangerous certain additives can be. Glad you didn't have to meet the local EMTs this time.


Oh, how frightening! And what a bummer for your first-in-a-long-time restaurant margarita! Glad you figured it out quickly, though...

And I love the red lace - what a knock-out colour!


Wow, how scary! I'm glad you're ok. I have never heard of sulfites before now.

I love your newest sweater! It looks like the same color of fiber I am spinning right now, which coincidentally, comes from you! heh

Jenny Raye

Get thee to the dr and get a prescription for an epi pen if you haven't gotten one already. Sorry to hear about your experience and glad that you are feeling better.


whew! glad you are ok - that must have been scary!!!!! An epi pen would be a good thing to have in case it happens again!


Huh. I didn't know that sulfites were preservatives, but I did know they were present in a lot of red wines, particularly imported wines. I'm sorry you had a reaction, it's a good thing you had Benadryl!

Is the yarn bleeding on your needles? I had a problem with SWTC's bamboo yarn turning my needles green, but the finished garmet was fine. Knowing how red is prone to bleed anyway, I wondered if you were experiencing the same thing.


Second the advice to get yourself an epi pen. If such an anaphylactic reaction happens again you will not be dependent on Benadryl -- slow acting -- or the faraway emergency services. We don't want anything to happen to our Teyani.

I had been planning a sweater with Elsebeth Lavold's hempathy yarn, which I picked because a, the color -- a pale tweed oatmeal -- was what I was looking for, and 2, it was a nubby sport weight so not too warm. Have you tried that yarn? Is the SWTC hemp more pleasing to knit? My only requirement is that the sweater not be too warm, so if the SWTC is worsted weight it is probably out. Your input is appreciated.


I have that same problem with some foods. I'm also allergic to Sulfa antibiotics. Very scary, but now you know.


Oh no! I'm glad you're ok and nothing really bad happened! I'm allergic to peanuts and shellfish so I'm pretty cautious...but I don't know if I could live without my weekly margarita -- that sounds bad but you know me and know I'm not a lush ;o)


While I certainly hope that you never NEED it, here's another vote for getting yourself an epipen...just in case!


Wow!! Glad you are ok!


Sulfites occur naturally in wines and are a by-product of the fermentation that makes the wine yummy...uh, alcoholic. Yeah. Sorry you're allergic - but I'm glad you found out in a non-lethal way.


Ack!! Glad you're okay!


I love the new sweater. That sounds like some very earthy-crunchy yarn.
Sorry to hear about the allergic reaction. I dealt with anaphylactic shock once and it was super-scary. Ironically I got it from my allergy shots. Go figure!

Susan in Fairbanks

I started carrying ROCK and the rest of the Vickie Howell Collection in my shop in February. ROCK really is a great yarn. I've been crocheting granny squares with it, and they've turned out great. I'm also looking forward to weaving with it.

Yet another vote for the Epi-pen. I've been in a couple of emergency rooms for anaphylaxis, and used to carry an Epi-pen everywhere - until I moved from Minnesota to Alaska. Still, if I moved further from the hospital, I'd be wrangling a new Epi-pen from the doc.


That is indeed very scary. I would also recommend the epipen, especially since you live a ways from medical attention. Carry it with you to restaurants. It's obviously much easier to avoid these things at home when you're doing the shopping and cooking.
I love that sweater pattern. I need to look for the pattern booklet!


Gracious, that is a pretty yarn. Nice little summer sweater, too. YOu know that I still have a macrame owl plant hanger with a driftwood holder that I did when I was in ninth grade? It's not hemp, though, it's jute...and very groovy.


Yikes! I'm glad things turned out ok!! Are you going to start carrying an epi-pen? 'Cos if this reaction was that severe... if you have another one...

That sweater is going to be gorgeous!!


Scary! Be careful with wines, almost all contain at least some sulfites, it seems like reds moreso. My friend's dad is a winemaker and his -- the Vinatura label -- is one of the few out there which is organically vinted and have none added. His pinot and syrah are really good -- I think they carry them at some Whole Foods stores, which usually carries a line or two of organically made wines.

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