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May 13, 2007



Your garden is beautiful! Great work! I have also been spending many hours in my garden over the last few weeks.


What a gorgeous garden!


Thanks for the awesome pictures, I especially like the yellow iris. It looks as if you will be enjoying the flowers of your labor well into summer :)


Love the irises.


We're definitely some weeks behind you. Your flowers are fabulous!


Your flowers are looking great Teyani! All of your hard work will definitely be paying off!


It's official! I'm definitely moving next door to you. Then hopefully you can let me borrow your green thumb occassionally. BEAUTIFUL!


Beautiful Irises!


So now I know where to go when I need a garden fix. Thank you!

hpny knits

ahhh. I miss gardening. not much chance for that in the city I am afraid. I adore Irises. they are gorgeous, very majestic.


Your garden is beautiful. I love that yellow iris.

Meg in North AL

Ahhh, lilacs. I miss lilacs. They were all over our yard in MI, and don't grow so well in AL. Your garden photos are lovely.


How lovely!


May - mud and mulch! :) (and mosquitoes!) your garden is beautiful - all the pretty iris!!!


I love your garden. Would you be interested in coming and finishing the mulching on mine? The irises are beautiful.


Iris are popping up around our gardens, too. So pretty!


Lovely post, lovely flowers! I want to move next door to you too. I am so not a gardener.


Such contentment in those pictures!


And what a lovely garden it is, Teyani! Don't you love those early morning garden walks to see what new thing has happened? To cut a fresh bouquet each day? Oh, I love a garden.


I too am a great fan of mulching. The effects are beneficial, of course, but to me mulching means the hard work of cultivating and planting is done. Spreading mulch is like the frosting on the cake.

Might the tall yellow wildflower be mullein? A basal rosette of velvety gray-green leaves and a spike 4-6' tall with small yellow flowers? Google "mullein" and look at the images. The common mullein is a bit of a weed, but it has been cultivated and bred into a striking vertical accent garden plant.

Your garden is lovely -- peaceful and colorful and beautiful. You are definitely an artist :-)


Your irises are beautiful. Gardening is definitely a labor of love, but the rewards of beautiful flowers and greenery are worth the backbreaking efforts.


You've been tagged! See my post, to see the rules! Love the spring flowers and color!


Oh I love irises. Yours are just beautiful T!


i love iris and i don't have any in our garden! i'll have to enjoy yours until the day i get it together and find some for us


Thank you for such a lyrical post. Reading your cheerful, yet contemplative words flowing around and through lovely garden pictures has been a soul treat.

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