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May 19, 2007



Wow....that is fantastic! The picture of the happy bobbins with your lovely fiber is priceless!


That's fabulous and amazing that the yarn sold out so quickly! Of course, it's not surprising since it's a great product.


A big thanks to ALL of you who made this yarn for us crazy knitters! I have some American Pie from the last update, but couldn't resist ordering two more colors today. I don't spin, never could get the hang of it. But every time I see sock hop yarn, it really makes me want to try again.

Good luck with the new set up for selling it. I'm sure you will have plenty of knitters stalking the shop for now on :)


Wow, indeed! Thanks to you and your spinners. Your yarn is gorgeous and we love it. And we love all of you, too! Keep up the good work.

I did not know the history of Sock Hop yarn. What a wonderful idea you had, Teyani, and even better, you made it come true. It is a tribute to you that your spinners make more than you do :) Rock on, ladies and gentleman!


Yay for the Sock Hop Spinners!

hpny knits

that is an amazing job and your sock yarn is amazing. its fantastic that you got this great team together and its beautiful stuff. the spinners are truly artists!


That is spectacular. I love all the colors and fibers. I feel faint . . . Lovely!


Teyani, I am so thrilled with your Sock Hop success! You and yours spinners are the bomb!



I'm so thrilled that you have such a wonderful group of spinners making such amazing yarn for us!! I can't WAIT to get my first Sock Hop Yarn shipment!


45 minutes? Wowzer! Your spinners are obviously working really hard trying to keep up to THAT kind of demand. (And, Cheryl? Three pounds a week? I bow to you in awe.)

Okay . . . I've got to go do some spinning myself now . . . I'm not a Sock Hop spinner (nor am I volunteering, I'm too slow), but, well, at least I have Sock Hop ROVING to make my own!

Meg in North AL

What a testament to ALL of you who make Sock Hop yarn a reality. 45 minutes! That's just amazing. I've never had the chance to have Sock Hop yarn in my hands, but I have plenty of the roving in my stash. How lucky we are to have you, Teyani, for your superb sense of color, your good taste in men (everyone loves Klaus!) and your talent at selecting dedicated spinners to provide eager knitters with the opportunity to work with one of the country's coolest products. My hat's off to you all!


What a wonderful testament to your work - and to your spinners! I got in a little too late, unfortunately, so am going to be watching like a hawk for your updates - failing that, I may have to get much better at spinning...


Thank you so much to all who make the Sock Hop Yarn happen. This is hands down my favorite yarn for socks. When bad things happen, I wear my sock hops to feel better. When I am happy and want to celebrate a beautiful day, I wear my sock hops.

I am a teacher in an urban area where a farm is nowhere in sight. Many of my students have never traveled to a rural area in their lives. Well, I often knit at lunch time. Back in January a few of my students started sticking around my room to eat with me and watch me knit. I was working on a pair of sock hops and the kids were amazed about how the yarn was born. They never paused to think about how fibers come to be. Like many of us, when they need a garment, they go to the mall to purchase it. In a world of computers, ipods and video games, the story of how this sock on my needles started with a beautiful animal out west was amazing to them. The idea that the fiber had passed through the hands of a hand spinner was also quite unbelievable. They had so many questions about the process! That day, a group of new knitters was born. We meet every Tuesday after school, both boys and girls. They aspire to make socks. I am certain we will get there!

Thank you all so much for this beautiful inspiring yarn. It has passed through the hands of several people and in its travels created a new generation of knitters!


All of you spinners are wonderful. It is also wonderful that there is so much interest in the sock hop yarn. And for my part I totally understand. Not that I have ever gotten my hands on any sock hop, but from my own humble spinning efforts. Faith's post (just above mine) speaks to the need of people in general and kids especially to know where things originate. Thanks so much for doing your part. And thanks to you too, Teyani, for making it all possible!


Now you have me blushing....all your nice words about the amazing sock hop. BUT the real thank-you and praise has got to go to Teyani (and ofcourse Klaus TOO!), because these two are helping me to reach my dream of spinning all day on the front porch of my log home....well I haven't got the log home yet, but every spare moment I have from the bakery is spent spining. AND a big thank-you to all you knitters who wait so patiently and then pounce when the yarn is ready!!! It is your demand that keeps me spinning along. Also a big smile to all the other Sock Hop spinners...ain't we got it good!! Well time to get back to the wheel, and one more BIG THANK-YOU to Teyani and Klaus


What a gorgeous post! You have added immeasurably to the wonder that is spinning and handspun. Continued success!


ya know, i actually went to the site to see if what i was spinning up looked right. it did! i want to thank you and klaus for giving me the opportunity to even be able to do this. it's definitely a dream of mine to be able to work with fiber to even make a little income (i don't have to live off it, lol!). and when a sock yarn is good, it WILL fly off the shelves. working part time for Miss Violet has s hown me that, lol.


Wow - 45 minutes?! Holy cow!

I'm sorry I missed this wave of sales, but glad to hear that weekly updates will begin - hopefully that will make it easier to snag some Sock Hop when it does go on sale!

And a HUZZAH! to all your spinners! I've been savoring the two skeins of Hang On Sloopy I got from you guys last August, trying to make the lovely knitting last as long as possible. I adore it, and you and all your spinners deserve mega-kudos for creating such a lovely, amazing yarn! Keep it up!


It looks fantastic, ladies! As a spinner, I totally appreciate the amount of work that goes into that much yarn - and you've got to know the people love it by how fast it gets snatched up!
Keep up the good work, you all are awesome!!!


I am totally in awe of all these spinners who can spin such vast quantities of yarn day after day! Your spinners are a true inspiration to me. This includes you Teyani!

And yes, also Klaus who cheerfully carrys on all the office work, orginization, and packing which must take huge amounts of time, plus tending to the farm and animals. You both amaze me. :-)


Thank you, spinners! It's gorgeous yarn and I am anxiously awaiting my very own skeins of it!


You shouldn't be surprised the yarn sells out so quickly -- it looks too luscious to resist. I'll add my thanks to the spinners (and to you), because looking at pictures of that yarn and stuff like it is what started me spinning. I'm so glad you ship to the UK so I can play with your fibre!


hi teyani - i couldn't see a link to email you (it's probably right in front of me, but perhaps i haven't had enough coffee yet!) but if you're serious about needing more spinners, i'm definitely interested!! i bought some of your sock hop roving recently & have absolutely loved spinning it up - it drafts like a dream! let me know how i can get in touch with you...
xo lilith


that is absolutely wonderful! the speed in which it sells out is a testament to the amazing spinners!!!!


Yaaaay, Spinners! That stuff is really wonderful (someday I will actually knit with mine instead of just looking at it). And I lovelovelove that you "sign" the hanks! That just reinforces that each batch is a work of art.

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