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May 28, 2007



Wow! You've lived in 61 places? What was your favorite place to live?

hpny knits

61 places to live! wow. I am glad your seed pod took root!
:-) I also do not like measuring, which is why I do not bake...


61 places is very impressive. You must certainly be a whiz at packing.

I like your flower bed -- a 5-pointed star? Cool.


Ha! My dyeing friends were giving me grief because my color mixing tended toward a "titch" of one color, a "dash" of another - now I can tell them it's how the pros do it. ;)


61 places?? Wow! Including the five places I lived during college (four dorm rooms, and one flat in London for a semester), I've lived . . . wait, let me count . . . does the 6 weeks in the hospital when I was born count? No? Then . . . one, two . . Seven. Seven places. Our first house, our second house, dorm room number one, dorm room number two, London, dorm room number three, dorm room number four, and then back home . . . which is where I still am.

Boy, I'm boring.... (grin)


That's a wonderful list. I knew some of those things already but had no idea you have moved around so much!


I love the 'glug glug'!

What an adventurer you are. I thought I'd lived in a lot of places (something like 15 for me), but you have me beat by a long shot.

Great list, T!!


I'm totally with you on the cats vs. dogs thing. I cook exactly the same way but having watch hubby learn to cook I know that a lot of folks need more specifics so I *try* to be good when I post things to the blog so that both types of cooks can benefit. :) I've been doing honey in my pizza dough lately, rather than sugar, and I'm amazed that it really tastes different. Think I'm a convert on that count.


What an interesting life you have had up to now!
I guess that I cook the same way, and always in the "more is better" category, but any baking needs to measured. And I usually try to measure new recipes before altering them.


I love your list -- glad you followed along! And that little garden spot is beautiful.


Must be a dyer's thing....that could be one of my recipes...LOL!

I love the star garden....so cool!


very interesting! I love finding all these little factoids about everyone - sounds like you have had quite the life!!!!


Holy Cats Batman! You're a pilot? I'm a pilot! We're so cool!


That was an interesting list of things that I didn't know about you. I LOVE your flower bed!


What an interesting life you've had. Thanks for letting me get to know you a little better.


You go to prove that we rarely use our undergrad degrees. And 61 places!!! Wow!!!


The star flower bed is making me smile! What a fun thing to see out the window.

Thanks for the pizza dough recipe - I know exactly how much a glug glug is.


What an opportune moment for my discovery of and introduction to your blog! It's lovely, and especially inspiring because my gardening blog recently became a gardening AND knitting blog in deference to my dual passions. When you have a moment, I'l love to introduce it to you: www.floribundajulie.blogspot.com.


Mia's right. The undergrad degree seems to be mostly outgrown.

Love the circle in the star design.


Holy cow! 61 places? Not counting student housing, I've only lived in 10 different spots, and I thought I moved a lot.
I love that pizza recipe. It looks a little like my bread recipe. I just keep adding more of this and that until it looks right.

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