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April 26, 2007



That chair is awesome! I knit everywhere while I wait.


I love that chair! It's gorgeous. I'm waiting in all sorts of places as my life is run by my kid's schedules. I guess see me, standing or sitting in any place with a knitting drawstring bag around my wrist, knitting.

I can't wait to see who my Bloomin' Sock pal is either! I mailed mine off on Monday, and am anxious to see if my pal likes her socks.


What a great idea for a post! It's so fun to take "peeks" into your life and see where you do what. Looks like a wonderful antique chair but is it really all that comfy? After you see my post (and I will post about my spot), you'll see why I ask. I'm all about comfort!


Hmm, I don't really knit while I wait.


Uncle Joshua Jones would be your Great Great Uncle. The chair probably belonged to his wife, your Great Great Hattie. When mother named me Harriet, she threatened to kill anyone who called me Hattie--and no one ever dared. Loved your blog--love all of them, Love Mom


I love that chair! I have an old chair that my grandfather made that is in my office/loft. My favorite spot, though, is the big stuffed chair in the kitchen. We took out our table and chairs when we remodeled and put living room furniture in, as that's where everyone hangs out when people come over. I'll post a photo!

hhpny knits

I knit while waiting for trains and in airports. waiting at the dr's office. waiting for my son to finish gym or swim class. these are all public, not too comfortable places, made more tolerable with the knitting.


Exquisite chair! I have a huge weakness for antiques and its extra special when the piece is an heirloom. Perfect place to knit :)


Nice restoration job on the chair.

Meg in North AL

Like everyone else, I'm in love with Great Great Uncle Joshua's chair! Where do I wait knit? In the car while at the drive-up bank window, at the store waiting for customers, at home in my very own customized antique chair. Grandma was as short as I am, and she shortened the legs on a bunch of her chairs so her feet would touch the floor. I inherited three of them.


Love the chair! If I'm waiting somewhere I usually have three kids in tow so now knitting while waiting for me :o)


Beautiful chair. I just love things with history. I'd show you where I wait but it's a couch that I despise. Someday I'll have a party and burn it. Heehee!


Beautiful old chair! My knitting comes with me everywhere I go, just in case I have to wait. My favorite knit while I wait stop is in the car at a long light...LOL


What a beautiful chair Teyani!

I read a LOT of blogs in my chair here at work...where I am suppose to be working! Like right now for instance. Ha! If I ever get another job where I can't goof off, I will have to seriously cut down on my blog reading!


Ok, I haven't had enough coffee apparently since I didn't even remotely answer the question. I surely don't knit in my chair at work. I coudn't hide that very well. It would have to be my car I guess. I knit in it during lunch and whenever I am going somewhere with Michael, as he usually drives.


I knit while I wait...in the car, at the doctor's office, on my end of the sofa while dinner is cooking. You have a beaufiful chair, because it has history! I'm very excited about getting my BLoomin Feet package, and of course, while I"m waiting for it, I'll be knitting!


Everywhere! I am an absolutely shameless knitter. :D


What a wonderful old chair!


I am usually waiting in the car so that is where I do my waiting knitting. Always something small, usually socks. I found your blog via a link at Ask the Bellwether.


Beautiful rocker! I knit in the car, in doctor's offices, airports or wherever I am :-)


i often have to wait for things to come and go from co-workers, or for files to print and upload. so i knit a lot while sitting in my desk chair, at my desk. also in the car or a chair while in waiting rooms (not too often, that one). project of choice for wait-time is sock knitting.

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